Wednesday, March 18, 2009

37 weeks

Oh yes my sweets - I'm still here. I know that any lapse of blogging (though it is normal for me these days) puts you all in a dither about whether or not I'm actually in labor. Well, as you can see - I am still pretty thoroughly pregnant. :)

Good pregnancy stuff: The baby is still in her prime positioning and seems quite "happy" as my midwife put it. No idea where I am for dilation/effacement as it's not normal to do internal exams here until you're already in labor. So, your guess is as good as mine in that department. The Braxton Hicks contractions are either getting stronger or I've had some early labor contractions over the past week. But nothing that stuck and nothing that lasted. I'm going for a referral to the physiotherapist tomorrow who are supposed to give me some blessed maternity belt to help with this stabbing pain in my pelvis. That's what I get for having a baby that's so far down and engaged - a pelvis stabbing.

Not so fantastic pregnancy stuff: The aforementioned stabbing - obviously. And Matt's away from Thursday morning to Monday night. So pray with me that she stays firmly put until at least Monday night. We don't think she's coming as we haven't seen any indicators of labor being imminent. I feel okay about Matt going with the understand that he can get back here before his return flight if it's necessary.

And here's my versions of sucking it in. Here's the most poked out - they go "up" from there.

Don't the blinking. But funny isn't it? I don't suck it in normally - just found it funny.

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  1. Gosh, that kid's just out there, isn't she!

    You look radiant, dear, truly. I'm praying with you!

  2. Well, you look adorable as usual & you also look like you're about to pop. Speaking from experience, you probably feel like you're about to pop, too! I will be praying for you & praying that Matt is back home before the blessed event!!! Are you still planning a home birth? I haven't heard you mention it lately & was just wondering!! Well, good luck & I'll be praying for you!!! BTW, I love Joshua's home day ornament. Such a sweet reminder of a precious boy!
    Emily in Mississippi

  3. wow susie, you look great! You are all belly and really cute!

  4. I would stand in front of the mirror and "suck it in" when I was WAY pregnant too. And then I would dissolve into fits of laughter because well, it was FUNNY. And then I would groan because laughing hard would send me into a fit of braxton hicks...

    You are beautiful and glowing and perfectly pregnant! :)


  5. Glad to see and hear everything is good....Can't wait to see your new daughter's beautiful face!

  6. Oh giRL,
    I am so excited for you.

    You still are the cutest prego woman ever.


    ps. sucking it in is like abdominal exercises... right?

  7. You are looking wonderful! Hope your little sweetie is feeling better. Go put your feet up girl!

  8. I'm gonna miss your bump-You've got the cutest bump I've ever seen! But I can't wait to see this little sister either! She will be just as cute;)

  9. This is really off topic, I know...but I just started a blog and want to change the template, yours is amazing, how do I change it? I keep getting a bad url or something.

  10. ADORABLE belly pictures!!!! :) Hope you can get some relief from the stabbing soon - I remember those days of squashed, even sometimes pinched bladder!!! :( You'll have your little one in your arms SOOOO soon! :)

  11. Susie,
    You are cute as a possum. ok I'm from the south....that WAS a compliment. LOLOLO

    It appears you may be attending another Not Me Monday. I can't wait to hear this one. :)

    Seriously, I hope your doing well and I've been praying that hubby arrives and your house is clean and ready for delivery. :)

    Take care and STAY OFF YOUR FEET SOME. :)

    hahhah just thought I'd help I'm a momma.

    Sonja - Fl

  12. Sure is quiet on your end!! Did we have our baby yet!?!?! Don't want to be a pest - but just wondering!!!



  13. You just look so cute!!! I miss being pregnant and my little guy is only 6 weeks!! Probably why I have 4 kids!! Congrats!