Thursday, March 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Joshua Matthew

March 7th. Wow. I don't think I ever let myself dream about February 7th, let alone March 7th. I'm amazed at my little man. What a wonderful miracle. Yesterday we had a big birthday party (because our friends and my family couldn't be here today). So we had a big dinner and purple cupcakes (because Daddy was having issues with the food colouring, so purple was what we ended up with).

Joshua's cele is DEFINITELY bigger than it was. I was comparing pictures of it right after birth and it's scary how much it has swelled. It seems to be mostly CSF pushing and stretching the membranes. I'm amazed that the membranes are in such good shape. Please pray for the best for Joshua, for our wisdom concerning his care, and for all the days ordained for him by the Lord. If you want something specific: Pray that the CSF regulates itself and stops pushing on the membranes and his brain. His doctor mentioned the other day that CSF (under pressure - like hydrocephalus and encephaloceles) will push down on the brainstem and spine and kill quickly. That's very scary to think about.

This was yesterday, getting dressed for the day. I gave him a sponge bath, coz he smelled like diapers and feet. Ew.

Auntie Christina having a cuddle with Joshua.

Miles blowing out one of Joshua's candles. We lit two so that Miles and Oceana could both help Joshua. :)

Me, Joshua, and my mom Jeannie. Yes, my hair was straighted yesterday. It's normally extremely curly.
I straightened it so that Christina could highlite it. Word of warning - check the box of your highlite kits - it had no cap and no hook! So we wrapped my head in saran wrap and used a kebab skewer to pull out the hair. HAHAHA! We had fun though. And she did a great job!
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  1. Happy Birthday Joshua!!! woot woot!!!

  2. PURPLE...must have been thinking about me and Tyffani and Faith!!!

    Saran wrap and skewer sounds like a fun memory!!!

    Praying for wisdom and revelation of God's will for Joshua's future.

    Praising God you have been blessed all this time with him and pray God's continued blessing all the days of his life!!!

    Love & Prayers, PAM

  3. Happy two-month birthday Joshua! You are getting so big! Sending you love and hugs from Cardiff, UK. XXX

  4. Happy Birthday, Joshua!!!!
    He is so beautiful
    You are such a good mother, you are doing a great job.
    Love, Cathy P Virginia

  5. i am so glad you got the clothes and can use some of them! sorry i didnt write a note or send you an email. things have been a little crazy getting used to motherhood :) it sure keeps me busy. and we had to get dial up internet, it is so slow i dont have the patience for it! so i am rarly online, hence asking phil to write you the other day. i have been using your suggestions, and i have enough milk now. i had enough for evan, but was trying to pump extra for returning to work tomorrow and was a little worried. i have 10 ounces saved for being gone about nine hours. think that is enough? i am only working fri and sat for a few months, and only adding one more day after that. I love and miss you all, and can't wait for you to meet Evan someday! Give Joshua and Oceana big kisses from me!

    Love Heather

  6. I just found your site and want you to know that I am praying for you, your family and your beautiful son!

    Thank you so much for sharing your son, your story and your heart with us! God has certainly blessed you and has blessed Joshua with an amazing family. Enjoy your blessings.

    Happy Birthday Joshua.

  7. Happy Birthday Joshua!!! Thank you Lord for two wonderful months. I wish I could be there to celebrate. Hugs and kisses and love to everyone!

  8. Happy Birthday sweet Joshua!!

  9. It's awesome that you have a nurse who also loves Joshua. While it doesn't make the outcome different, it hopefully helps to know she cares for him, too.

    Praying that God will continue to be glorified through Joshua's life, and that whatever happens Joshua will not feel any discomfort and your family can enjoy each and every moment he's here.

  10. Wow! Happy birthday to your precious little boy! That story about your highlights is hilarious. I can picture it...haha:) Christina does a great job. Did you know she was the one who 1st highlighted my hair???

  11. I had to look twice in the photo with the candle. I hardly recognised you. I like the straight hair.

    Thanks for the specifics on what to pray for. Our God is an intimate God. A God of detail. He knows Joshua's last day here with you (and us). As he is rejoicing to have Joshua perfect with him. He'll be sharing your sorrow and grief and comforting you.

    I don't know you (personally) and will probably never meet you. But I do have a strong affection for you and your family. I will continue to daily lift all of you in prayer.