Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Joshua

Just a quick glimpse of our day in photos. We sent Joshua a balloon for his birthday. We have since learned that if we buy a balloon for one child, we must buy one for each child. Next year we'll be buying three, because Oceana was in tears for a while about the balloon. She wanted to "fly up and get Joshua/the balloon". That was worth more tears than letting go of the balloon.

"Forever A Baby"

Another year, still so small,
Growing older, yet not at all.
My mind strains to think,
Remembering toes so pink.
Though our time full of stress,
You my dear shall never depress.
Your days were so short,
Yet so long for your sort.
Always my precious son be,
Never grown up, forever a baby.


  1. Happy Birthday Joshua

    I have been thinking of you and your lovely family a lot today. You touched, and continue to touch so many lives. You truly are a blessing. You help me to believe that there really is a god.

    Thank you Susie and Matt for sharing your boy with us all.

  2. thinking of you today. please know you are in my thoughts and in my prayers! and not just today, but always!

  3. Happy Birthday Joshua...Remembering with you...Praying for you...

  4. That is beautiful & your pictures are so sweet!!! Sending you HUGS on Joshua's 1st birthday!
    Emily in Mississippi

  5. Happy Birthday sweet Angel .

  6. This must have been a really hard day for you and your family. How special to remember him in this way. I am praying for you right now.

  7. Beautiful! Wishing you God's peace today! Happy Birthday Joshua!

  8. Happy Birthday sweet Joshua! You have touched many lives and hearts. We can only imagine the celebration you are having in heaven.

    Hugs and Prayers to your mommy daddy, sissy, and grandparents as they miss you.
    Rachel in PA

  9. Happy Birthday, Joshua. Susie, such a sweet poem. Did you write that? I prayed for you all day. I hope it was peaceful.

  10. Happy Birthday Joshua! And, thank you Susie, for (so transparently) sharing your journey! Praying for you!


  11. Happy Birthday Joshua. What a great gift you were and continue to be to everyone that reads your story.

    (((HUGS))) Mommy, Daddy, and Oceana.

  12. Happy Birthday Joshua! Thinking of and celebrating your amazing life and all of the lives you have touched!

  13. It looks like a wonderful day. Happy Birthday Joshua!
    Many prayers are with you today.

  14. Thank you for the pictures and allowing us to be a part of Joshua's birthday. The poem is beautifully written. It's a rainy day here in Hummelstown as if all of heaven is pouring its tears over us in our absence of Joshua on his birthday. This morning, in the midst of the dark rainy day, I have lit the candles in the windows of my house in memory of Joshua on his birthday. Happy Birthday, Joshua. We love you and miss you.

  15. Happy 1st Birthday! Great pictures to capture the day!

  16. We are praying for you guys. Joshua was such a sweet boy. We think of you three (now four!) often.

    Dave, Rachel & Baby Garrett

  17. Happy Birthday Joshua!
    I cannot believe that I have followed his story this long. Time goes by so fast. I am glad to see that you sent your balloon heavenward. I am sure Joshua was watching you all from heaven... and he was smiling.

  18. Beautiful poem

    Thinking of you guys today

    Happy Birthday Joshua!

  19. Happy birthday Joshua. Thinking of you and your family Susie.

  20. Happy Birthday, Joshua! It's hard to believe that a year has already passed. I remember this time last year, part of my daily routine was to see how Joshua and all of you were doing and to pray for you many times a day. Each day was a miracle and I felt that all the way across the world.

    Joshua was an example of a modern miracle, the embodiment of love. Susie, your faith, strength, joy and sorrow touched me at a time when I, too, was caring for a loved one to the end of her life and grieving my loss. Knowing I was not alone, that others, like you, were dealing with something much harder than I was, helped me keep my faith strong and to keep life in perspective. Joshua was also my "cute baby fix" for the day.

    You are still in my prayers as you remember Joshua and as your family continues to grow go on without him in your arms, but always in your hearts.

  21. Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Boy! Beautiful Pictures Susie....

  22. Happy Birthday, little man!!

  23. Happy Birthday dear Joshua!

    I don't check your blog every day, so I am glad that I checked today on Joshua's birthday. Praying for and thinking about you and your dear sweet family.

    Love from Trinidad,

  24. What a special special day. Happy Birthday to you Joshua Matthew Sams.
    Beautiful Beautiful photos. So full of emotion. One single balloon speaks a thousand words, but I think Oce's words say it all, our sweet sweet Oce.
    Lots of Luv xxxxoooo

    PS- What beach is that?

  25. Happy Birthday to a most precious boy! Thank you for sharing his and your family's life with us. He will not be forgotten and is very loved!

  26. Happy Birthday to Joshua and to his beautiful family, lots of love for you all.

  27. Happy Birthday Joshua.

    Many Prayers and Blessings sent to you Susie and Family.

  28. I just went back and re-read the story of Joshua's birth. It is such a beautiful story, and the way your family keeps his memory alive is beautiful. He has touched so many, and you are so blessed to be Joshua's mum, always and forever.

  29. Happy 1st birthday to Joshua. Although he's missed here, it's reassuring to know he's in the arms of our Lord.

    Thanks for sharing your photos of the celebration!

    PS, Matt's mohawk is rockin'!

  30. Happy Birthday, Joshua!

    xoxoxox to all of you!

  31. happy birthday sweet boy! cant believe it has already been a year!

  32. Happy Birthday, Joshua! (...a day overdue in NZ, but I'm still celebrating your birthday here in California.)

    I am praying for peace and encouragement for all of you!

  33. Happy 1st birthday Joshua Matthew! I've had your sweet face in my head all day long.

    Susie, you've been on my heart for the past week, but especially today. My prayer is for peace and for comfort. I know Joshua was smiling down on all of you today.


  34. Happy Birthday Joshua!

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos of your family's birthday celebration. I am sure it was a day of mixed emotions. Thank you for sharing it with us!

    Much love and many blessings!

    Jennifer Bray
    Spokane Valley, WA

  35. Happy Birthday Joshua! You are missed and thought of often!

    Joshua has been on my mind a lot lately as well, his birthday is just 6 days after my daughter's and he was promoted the day before my birthday. I thought of him a lot the day of DD's birthday party and of you and your family. Thank you for sharing his special day with us! Prayers for peace that surpasses all understanding, and for strength and encouragement for your new chapters in life.

    Kelley (((Hugs)))

  36. I was thinking of you all yesterday. Your story has touched me deeply.

  37. What a great way to celebrate Joshua's 1st birthday!
    If Jesus prepared a party for him I'll bet Noah was there too!
    What a precious thot!

  38. Happy birthday sweet boy. What a glorious birthday he is having.

    We lost our 15 month old nephew in November, I hope to share this with my sister-in-law. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    Grace and Peace

  39. That's a beautiful poem. It brought tears to my eyes in thinking of my nephew. We have a birthday party for him each year too and write messages on the balloons before letting them go. He would have been 7 at his last birthday and is two years in heaven. God bless you all!

  40. Hello Matt & Susie,

    The internet makes this world so small because I live in Curacao and you are all the way in New Zealand. Curacao is a small island in the Caribbean, a few miles off the coast of Venezuela.

    Your story about Joshua moved me a lot. I applaud you for the courage and strenght you had during the days your son Joshua was with you.
    I hope everything turns out ok with your coming blessing.

    Stay strong and courageous.

    Tibor Bakhuis

  41. I know its a bit late but i would like to wish Joshua a happy birthday,and wish you and your family all the Sarah From England xx

  42. Happy Birthday Joshua!! I'm sorry I missed wishing you a Happy one, until now, but I know you had the Best birthday anyone could wish for!

    I was out of town with no computer with family also celebrating a birthday of my baby daughter who shares your birthday who turned 3.

    She's standing here beside me saying "Is Shosha's birtday tew? I wan gib him a kiss."

    So kisses from Madison and kisses from us and Happy Birthday.

    We miss you and you are dear to us always,

    Amanda, Cameron, and Madison

  43. I just read all these posts about your son Joshua. I am so sorry and so amazed by the Lord in your life. I can't stop crying, for I have a precious healthy 6 month old baby boy sleeping in his bed this very moment. Thank you for sharing your heart and reminding me to keep my heart thankful for each and every hour with my two precious little ones.

  44. I just read through Joshua's story after coming to your blog for the first time tonight, and I have tears pouring down my face. His life was so relatively short, yet so full of purpose and love. What a miracle.

    God bless your family,
    Emily (from New York, USA)

  45. Susie and family -
    Joshua !! SO handsome - so happy that I have found your blog and got to see beautiful pictures of him and your girls! Thank you for visiting my site and checking in on my boys!

  46. Hi susie! I was looking up different ways to wear a moby wrap and came across your blog this morning...I have been reading about your son Joshua., there must be something in that strong name., my best friend Joshua was in a terrible car accident many years ago and suffered severe trauma to the brain. He is such a fighter and has beat the odds., he is in a wheel chair but lives on his own and even down hill skis!! anyway I have reading about your story all day when I get some down time, I have three boys :0 and have been so touched, I keep running and giving my boys kisses knowing God set you and your story before me this morning so that I might let go of some of these wordly things that have been boggling my mind and keeping me down. I look forward to following your blog, so blessed by your willingness to share and spread the word of Christ! congratulations, we will be praying for the safe and prompt arrival of your third baby girl!!