Wednesday, February 6, 2008

7 February 2008 - 1 month old!

Look at these lips!

His arm disappeared down the sleeve, so she was trying to retrieve it.

Napping after breakfast

What a precious face. 1 month old.

Wow. Who thought we'd have made it here. I'm so impressed and proud of my little man. The Plunket nurse (well-child nurse), Pediatric homecare nurse (homecare nurse from his hospital) , and the ACC nurse (who changes his dressings) are all coming next Tuesday to see him. So we'll have an updated weight and height for him. I think he's about 19" tall now (+2 inches). He's looking a bit more filled out. Those cheeks are filling out, and his legs aren't nearly so skinny anymore.

He was wide-eyed when he woke up this morning. I love seeing his eyes open, since he sleeps so often. I'm getting little half-smiles if I rub his ears while he's nursing. But if I'm nursing him I can't manage to get pictures... I'll keep trying.

Oceana's in destruction mode today. AK! Drinking my tea, trying to plug US plugs into NZ plugs, falling off the couch, pulling the printer off the desk, opening the bag of rice krispies all by herself (potentially dumped on the floor!), coloring on my work pages, typing on the computer (opening programs even!). BLAHHH... It's not 9am yet... I hope she gets over it, because if we keep going like this all day long I'm gonna lose my mind.
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  1. I've been enjoying reading about your family! Your kids are precious.

    I tagged you on my blog, I hope you'll participate!

  2. Happy Birthday Joshua! I love the new pictures!

  3. What a beautiful boy! I love seeing pictures of his sweet face, they remind me of when my youngest was tiny.

  4. Yay! Happy Birthday Joshua!

  5. I was going to comment tomorrow (7 Feb) on Joshua's 1 month b-day. I didn't take the time difference into consideration though (LOL). Well, happy birthday Joshua (although it is still the 6th here in Connecticut).

    As for the destructive comment, I know how you feel. My son is 2 1/2 (will be 3 in Sept) and he is the same way. I get so frustrated sometimes. My daughter (who is almost 8 months) is very needy and so they run me into the ground. I'll share a latte with you!!!!!

  6. Great pictures!

  7. I love his lips!! Beautiful children.

  8. Joshua: Cada día estas más precioso!!!. I Love You.

  9. Happy one month Joshua! You are precious and well loved!

    Each day, no matter the circumstances, is a gift. Did you have cake?!! :)


  10. I love the picture of Oceana trying to fix his lost arm. So precious!
    We've had those crazy destructive days too, I don't know what gets into them sometimes!