Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hanging tight

Matt's away until tomorrow afternoon. I thought I'd share a picture - that for you Mom! ;) Yes, that is Philadelphia Eagles gear he's wearing. He's a diehard fan. He'll chear for the Steelers, but only if they aren't playing the Eagles. He's an Eagles fan first. :)

This was taken at the further southern point in New Zealand - Bluff. You can just see the sign marker saying X# kilometres to "South Pole". Crazy crazy. I think it was something like 4000km. It was definitely chilly there, even in February (a la August weather).

And while we don't have a "take home outfit" for this little one, since she'll be at home from the get go, this is her first outfit. It's in the hot water cupboard, to keep it warm for her. All her blankets are in that cupboard too, along with the diapers, slings, wipes... There's baby stuff creeping out from the edges! :)

So, this is just a quick post to say -nothing happening as far as I can tell. We'll be at church today and then I'm parking on the couch so that I don't encourage this baby to come any sooner. Sounds like a good day for a nap and a movie.

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  1. Glad to hear you are doing well. Thats a cute outfit.

  2. can't wait until she makes her appearance

  3. I'll forgive Matt even if he is an Eagles fan (I'm writing this from Steeler country ;-) )

    Looking forward to "meeting" your little girl soon (just not too soon - wait for Daddy little girl).

  4. Whew! I forgot that you're 21 hours ahead of me! That means you're closer to Monday afternoon than I (silly me!). I'm praying for Matt to get back in good time, and of course I'm praying for health and safety all the say.

  5. Thank you for the beautiful picture of Matt. (if guys can be beautiful..they are to their mothers) Can't wait for him to get back and for the arrival of our fourth grandbaby. We are all so excited! Thanking God that you are doing well so far. Love you so much sweetie!

  6. Nice to know you're both still "hanging" in there! Just remember to keep your knees locked @ the first sign of labor unless Matt is back, lol!

  7. OK... well we're all sitting back and waiting with you. :)
    In the meantime, what's a hot water cabinet? Remember, I'm the one from the south and we dont' have all those things.
    I hope Oceana is giving mommy lots of help. I'm sure she will want to help when her little sister gets here.

    My prayers are with you.

  8. That little pink hat is precious!! Praying for you and a quick and smooth delivery, after Matt gets home!!

  9. What's he done to his face?! *grin, wink* I can't tell if it's a really long mo... or a strange goatee....

  10. Praying that your little girl holds out until her daddy gets home. Praying you have a safe fast delivery. Can't wait to see those little jammies filled. I love her little rose hat.
    Hugs and prayers
    Rachel in PA

  11. I don't know Susie....I think she is going to hold out another whole week! :) Just glad that she seems to be waiting for Daddy to get home! Get the rest while you can!



  12. Aww that is a sweet outfit! By my calculations Matt should be home now, so flip-flop can come whenever she wants :D

  13. Love the outfit....and GO EAGLES!!! :)

  14. I always enjoy reading your blog- I think you look wonderful, Susie! And I think it's totally awesome that you are having the baby at home... I would have loved to have done that.

    Laurie in Minnesota

  15. I keep checking in everyday to see if Baby Girl has come yet. I know you must be busy with getting ready for birth and all. I just wanted you to know you have someone in Baton Rouge thinking about y'all.

    BTW, I'm expecting baby #4 and need to start looking up comebacks to people who say things like "don't you know how that happens by now?" UGH! lol

    Allison in Baton Rouge