Monday, March 23, 2009

Baby Stellan

This is Stellan, who is Momma - MckMama calls MckMuffin. When he was in utero his heartrate went way high (into the high 200s, and early 300s) and they were told they'd lose him before he was born. Stellan was born healthy at the end of last year and has been thriving at home.

He had a cold and they took him to the ER because he'd already had RSV this winter, so they were being cautious. Upon arrival and two nebullizer treatments it was discovered that his SVT - Supra Ventricular Tachycardia (very high heartrate) - has returned. It is very dangerous for anyone to have a hearrate this high. Especially a baby who was already having breathing difficulties.

He has been on several very strong drugs to try and slow his heartrate, stop his hearrate and restart it, and beta blockers. Please pray with me, and nearly 800 others who have already stopped today to see the MckFamily at Stellan's parents believe, along with me, that God is capable and willing to do a miracle for this little boy. Please join in the prayer movement for this little boy! God moved miraculously on Stellan's behalf last year, I'm begging God to do it again!


  1. me too. I see your due date is just around the corner.... God bless.

  2. I have been in constant prayer since last night along with you and hundreds of others. Will continue praying for Stellan the cutest McMuffin ever.

  3. I have visited the mck blog.

    Oh I will join you in prayer for little Stellan.

    darn-it. i don't like sad things...
    but thanks for sharing so we can share the worry his parents must be feeling.

    only one day Susie.


    ps. in case you are asking yourself. 1 day for what? Tomorrow you are having a baby so I can win with the delivery guessing game. Ü

  4. I had SVT when I was younger too. It was a very frightening thing when my heart would start racing. The doctors clocked me as high as 250 once. They did two surgeries on me and I haven't had any major problems with it since.

    This adorable little one is in my prayers!

  5. haha! My heart jumped a little when I saw your title. I thought you magically had a boy already and named him Stellan! I'm glad baby is still a girl and still in there!

  6. Thank you for your prayers for my sister and my precious nephew! We truly are believing God for another miracle.


  7. Between your blog & Angie Smith's (Bring the Rain), Stellan's getting a gazillion prayers tonight! :)

    Add me to that list!

  8. so thats McMamma and her adorable son.. Im so anxious for her and I don't even know her!! Have been praying a few times throughout the day for the whole family, it'd be awesome to see another miricle happen for little stellan (fabulous name right?).

  9. Im praying fro this little boy as well.

  10. This is one very blessed baby - he will fight this the little trooper he is! :) x.

  11. Wow! I will keep Stellan in my Prayers. How scary. I know a miracle can happen for him and his family.

    PS. How you holdin up? Still baking Flip flopI assume? Matt is home now so all systems are go, right?