Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday afternoon update

Just a few thoughts as they trip out of my head

Please continue to be in prayer for little Stellan. My non-scientific non-medical brain understands it this way: His heart has an extra pathway and it's got that Supra Ventricular Tachycardia (really fast heartbeat) thing going on. But earlier today he slipped into Ventricular Tachycardia - think ER when you hear, "VTACH!" and they run for the paddles. He's come out of it, thank God. But he is a very, very sick baby. He needs a continued miracle. Stellan is a testament to the grace and mercy and power of God - my prayer is that his health will continue to improve and show the world all of what God is doing in his little body.

Prayers for Stellan

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We had an ultrasound today. My midwife thought my amniotic fluid might be low and said that if it was, we'd need to get baby out within the week (read: induction if my body doesn't get itself in gear). To some that may sound glorious - "GREAT! No more being pregnant!", but for me, the 23 year old with two inductions under my belt, I would love nothing more than to go into labor naturally. And the idea that something could possibly be wrong had me edging back to the fear that I had fairly prevalent in my first 20 weeks of this pregnancy. The "What if's?" and "What about's?" were flying fast in my head and my heart.

The technician said she saw no reason for alarm, but that the findings would have to be confirmed by the specialist. So hopefully by tomorrow morning we'll have a full all's clear sign. But for the moment, I'm at peace with the information from the technician. This little girl has chubby cheeks - a la Oceana and Joshua - we aren't that surprised. :) But it's nice to know. And she's a playful little thing. She was sucking on her hand and playing with her umbilical cord. The playing with the umbilical cord became obviously because the poor technician had to spend 5+ minutes just finding a clear shot of the cord that wasn't near the baby's feet or hands since she kept playing with it and disrupting the reading she needed for umbilical blood flow. Hmm, methinks this little one will have no troubles keeping up with her big sister.


We had a family day today. It wasn't really the plan, but Matt suggested we "go out" for the day. This included (but was not limited to), shopping (for fun, not groceries), walking, swinging, see-sawing, coffee-drinking (OJ drinking for Little Miss), more walking and wandering (move that baby down, WAYYY down), an ultrasound, reading books, eating hot chips out of newspaper in the grass, getting a sunburn (why do I keep forgetting that March still requires sunscreen - apparently I'm the only pale one in our family though, since Matt and Oceana are fine), and some driving and delivering of recycling to the recycle center. It was a really fun day. Oceana was a riot - I'll try to remember some of her funny sayings from the day. It was a nice memory of "The Three of Us". I'm really glad we had this day together.


Upon seeing a bicycle, "Dats bewwy, bewwy daynjoous!"

While watching me lay on the bed at the ultrasound office, "Mommy, you on owee bed?"

"I da bwyd" - after finding a piece of a machine shaped like a U she put it on her head upside down (like a veil).

"Goo boy Dad! You good hehpew!" - watching Daddy put together a machine this evening.

After a few minutes of grabbing at her undies, "I go potty weew quick!" Said with her hand up in as stop sign as to say, "Don't come with me, I'll be fine".

"I Cindewewwa!" (playing around in her blue dress) "I have yewwow haiw dus wike Cindewewwa!"

"We dohn wanna make Daddy gwumpy...No!" After being told numerous times to stay out of the way/stop touching everything while Daddy built his machine.


I was rather surprised to find out that I am not effaced or dilating yet. Only "softening". Blah... And here I was sure I'd be well dilated and effaced by now, since this little girl has been well-engaged and head-first since 34 weeks. But a month later, we've discovered that no such luck. That's okay. Like I told my midwife yesterday, "I'm fine with being pregnant another two weeks, so long as I don't have 2 weeks of Tuesdays!"


Tuesday: Sharp contractions for over an hour, enough so that I sent Oceana to my mom's house and laid out on the couch. Then crampiness and contractions the remainder of the day. I couldn't accomplish anything, felt really out of sorts, and besides that it hurt! But the day after that I went to see Shirley (the midwife) and I was at 0 and 0. So those contractions don't seem to have made any visible difference. Boo! Oh well. Like I said, so long as I don't get 2 weeks of Tuesdays.


Rest assured that when I've had the baby it'll be up on Twitter, Facebook, and the blog before you know it. That's one great thing about a homebirth - you all don't have to wait for Matt to get home from the hospital, take time to download the pictures, and then upload to the internet. It should go pretty quickly. And anyways, Havalah knows how to hack my Twitter, Facebook, and blog - so she can update ya'll. :) But don't be thinking you'll know when I'm in labor. Because I won't be sharing that tidbit! I know I'll get annoyed if people start calling to ask if she's come yet, when I'm dealing with petering out contractions. Ew, that's a yucky thought. We won't go there. :)


  1. Alright Susie girl, I wake with you on my mind at 3:21 am in florida. Now I know why. :)

    I'm so happy you had a blessed day with the "Three of You". It is always nice to relax a bit. So RELAX a bit.

    God has already chosen her "debut" day so just sit back relax and hold on cause its gonna be a bumpy ride. :) But a well worth it ride. You have done great through this pregnancy from what I can see. ( I'm a bit far away but hey... blogs are pretty specific these days)

    Do get stressed do what you can do to help things along but don't go overboard with it. God knows just the right time for your daughters arrival on earth. God is preparing her for you as we speak right now. I'm sure Joshua has told her all about you and what a great mommy you are and daddy and Oceana. So just hang in there and I will say a special prayer for dilating and effacing, hows that.... hey I might even throw in a prayer of peace for you. LOLOLOL

    God Bless Susie, Your a strong young woman and one that I do admire for your lifes journey.

    Goodnight on my end. I think I can sleep again. LOLOL Funny how someone I don't even know in person comes to my mind in a dream. Isn't God wonderful! Yes He is.


  2. Praying that you will go in naturally. I've had 4 babies. The first two I was far enough dilated that they broke my water and let it go from there {pretty natural}, #3 my water broke on it's own at the beginning and we went from there. #4... my water also broke at the beginning but nothing happened so after 18 hours they induced me... {it's not that it was any harder a labor than the other three but because it was emotionally hard for me to except it felt so much harder}. It took me a couple of weeks after his birth to except that I hadn't been able to do it myself... but I realized that he was healthy and here regardless whether it was all natural or with a little help.
    God Bless.

  3. Hey!

    I just went to an ultrasound yesterday and they said my fluids are low also..eeek...what did your midwife tell you to do? My OB said to drink TONS of water (since I've been dehydrated twice already in this pregnancy!) She also gave me the option of going in the hot tub during labor rather than going straight to an epidural- thoughts? Did you have an epidural with both? Which one did you think was better?

    Hope you start to dialate!!!!

  4. DONT BE DISCOURAGED BY DILATION AND EFFACEMENT!!!! It's meaningless, I promise you. With my number 3, I was nothing as of about my due date. 10 days later, I had a 2 hour labor. My body just dilates REEEEEEEEEEEEEEALLY fast. :) It happens. It could happen for you. It doesn't mean anything right now.


  5. Praying all goes well with your delivery. Cant wait to see your new addition!

  6. I was so hoping for yesterday...
    but it didn't happen. You are still the cutest prego lady ever.
    That makes me a loser on guessing the delivery day.

    I understand your desire to go into labor on your own. Being induced is alot harder on your body... been there done that.


  7. suzie i had low fluidless then 10 % on ultra sound and my baby was at max 4 pounds and the mid wife had to refer me to a doc and the doc wanted to a c section at 36 1/2 weeks and said my baby would die with in 2 days if i didnt i said no. not until the baby was showing distress would i consent to that it made the doc mad i got another doc cause the other one wouldnt follow my plan and they watched me and i was induced 3 times cervidil and had allergic rash down there ouch and then put onthe pit the pit it sucked they broke my water at a 1 cm and i had tons and tons of water the doc got mad at the radioligist cause now the had to force a baby out that didnt need to be. 52 hours of labour later i gave birth to a 5 pound 11 ounce healthy baby girl. iam soo glad i told the first doc no section although it was alot of hard work iam glad i fought for my vaginal birth with no drugs also i have done some other research on line and if you have a bit of low fliud if you sit in the pool for a hour day . for some un explained reason it helps bring your low fluid level into normal range. hope this helps melanie from canada.

  8. Hey Susie,
    Could you please ask Melody if i can be invited to read her blog? I went on it once before and was blessed by it is private for some reason. Its nice to know I am not the only single mother struggling to do it all plus find happiness of my own. Hope all is well...can't wait for my new niece!! (which i would love to be able to call an actual name ;) ) haha as long as i know before the whole blog world knows!! And so so so very excited you are coming to visit for a whole month!!! We are going to drive dad nuts cuz Evan and I will be here as much as humanly possible... haha you know how he gets about his space...Evan and I have been here for five days and everyday he asks "so when am i getting rid of you?" :) can't wait to be together as a family again and stop feeling like an only child! :)


  9. I read your blog a lot and want to give a friendly bit of feedback in regards tot he tuesday cx - they are doing something be it softening or anything.

    I was 42 weeks pg with my third and we knew it she was a big baby - I am only 5 ft - 100lbs usually. Went to my midwife who checked me stating 0 - 0 and the baby is still high up...tears and anger!! I went home and refused to clean the house (my routine was to clean every night b/f bed in case I woke in labour and had midwife coming) So went to bed and guess what? Woke up in labour! So I ran around cleaning between cx and laboured for 5 hours before I had the midwife come (to a clean house I might add) will happen guess is 5 days post-due date.

  10. Sure is quiet on your end!! Looking for an update!!! I'm so excited for our new baby!!