Tuesday, December 23, 2008

25 Weeks

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25 weeks

Recently developments:
I feel her kicking me way low, and on the upper right side of my tummy. Occasionally I feel something around my belly button, but very rarely. I have a feeling I have an anterior placenta, causing me to feel "something" but not specific movements a lot of the time.

I'm big. Ok ok, I know. It doesn't "look" that big. But I'm saying "Oaf!" when I bend over and stand up, and closing the fridge door on my poor little one, and finding it very complicated to carry Oceana for any length of time as she nearly needs a piggy back ride these days!

My midwife's appointment was cancelled last week (one of the adventures of seeing a midwife is that any moment she can be delivering a baby!). And I just said something to Matt about my appointment being tomorrow, to which he told me it was actually today. Uh oh. Preggo brain? Or miscommunication? Or both? Who knows. I'll have to call her soon. I guess it may be after the new year before she sees me again. Hope not! I wanna know what this little one is doing!

Oh, and her name has very quickly become "Baby Sister". "Flip Flop" will live on here on the blog, but at home, it's much simpler for Oceana to refer to her as "Baby Sister". She also thinks she has a baby in her tummy. Whether it's a boy or girl depends on the day. :)

And she was in these photos (or so she thought), but she refused to stand beside me. She was elsewhere in the room holding her "bump" for the camera!

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  1. You look great! It looks like little flip flop is growning beautifully. I continue to pray for you and that sweet little one.

  2. You look great! More than half way there :) So exciting!

  3. You are all baby girl.
    I wish I had been more like you...
    you look great for a prego momma.


  4. You look really great! Oceana is to funny. My Hannah is the same way. I have tried to explain over and over that there is a baby in mommy's tummy, but she insists that the baby is actually in her tummy. Two year olds are funny like that :)

  5. Awe! You look GREAT!!!! Just looks like a little basketball!!! Cute, Cute, Cute! I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas!!!
    Emily in Mississippi

  6. Beautiful...I can tell she's growing. Christmas blessings to you!

  7. you look incredible!!! We have sissies and baby brother around here....
    It is going to be funny after you have your precious little girl because if Oceana is anything like my Kiley, she will talk about how she has to go to the doctor to get her baby out.... and it could go on for MONTHS!!!!

  8. Praying for you and for baby sister! Benjamin also thinks he has a baby in his belly! Not sure how to explain all that to a two year old so we just laugh! :-)

  9. Susie you look lovely. You have a beautiful pregnant belly. But I have to say, at least in that photo, the more dramatic development appears to be slightly further north. I'm sure Matt appreciates ALL the developments. :-)

  10. Very nice! Looks like you are carrying her low. I carried both of mine very low. Makes it a little bit more comfortable when they are not up in your ribs. Ha ha. But I remember the uncomfortable part of bending and getting even remotely close to anyone with a hug. Enjoy!!!

  11. Such a beautiful preggo mama!

  12. Wow you are looking so fantastic - you suit pregnancy well! I can't believe how quickly the weeks are ticking by.