Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

One of the perks of having a New Zealand Christmas is that we get the sunshine first. Which basically means - we opened our presents EASILY 18 hours before any of you did! And we have a 2 1/2 year old, so by 7am, we were opening presents. There's not a whole lot of patience flowing over here when it comes to brightly wrapped "pwesents!".

We had our only family Christmas at our house - that was over and settled before 8am (we like the speedy approach the opening gifts). :) Then I rolled out the cinnamon rolls and baked them while we set up a kiddie tent and lost puzzle pieces and loaded the car. By 9am we were on the road to my parents house where we had a huuuge brunch and then opened presents. A lazy afternoon and a big dinner were added in. The boys played poker, while the girls knit and watched Love Actually.

Oceana went to be at Nana's house, but I joined her around 11:30pm when I realised the guys were stilling well into their card game. I opted for staying the night, without toothbrushes or pjs. I was just that tired.

I thought about how I wanted to include Joshua in our Christmas and opted to light a Christmas-y candle in front of his picture for most of the morning. I lit it right before my Dad read through Luke's account of the coming and birth of Christ (for Zecharias and Elizabeth to the shepherds visit). It was the best way to do it I think. For me anyways. My mum also gave me three precious moments figurines. One is an angel that says "God's Children At Play", the second is actually baby Jesus in a manger called "Come Let Us Adore Him" - but it's a little boy sleeping (which is the reason she bought it), and the third is a little girl playing a triangle called "There's A Song In My Heart". They are perfect. The angel just makes me heart twinge, as does the baby Jesus. The little girl is so fun to have something for Oceana (representing her, not for her to play with!!!). I hope that next year I can find something similar to fit with our next bay girl's personality/place in my heart.

Without further adieu, here's a few pictures of our morning. These are only from our house, as I was charging the battery before we left and then left it charging. Grrr. There's pictures on my Dad's camera that I haven't gotten yet. Hopefully tomorrow. Like ... before he deletes them!!??!?! :)

Oceana showing me baby booties for "Baby Stister".

Checking out her stocking. Too much sugar in there. Geez!

Opening up a tent/tunnel contraption. She loves it!

As you can probably tell!

Merry Christmas!

May you be reminded of the sacrifice our Heavenly Father made in giving up his Son to a world that did not appreciate him. Having given up my own son to a perfect place where he is dearly loved, I cannot imagine the grief of the Father as He offered up His own.

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  1. I'm so happy you all had a wonderful Christmas! I thought about God's sacrifice yesterday & I thought of my own little boys! I can't imagine the agony of what HE did for us! I'm so thankful today for that gift!!
    Emily in Mississippi

  2. Missed you terribly this day! Evan is only 10 months old and totally didn't get the unwrapping of the presents. He just climbed on the boxes. Got some beautifully framed pictures of Joshua from beautiful and precious. It was a bittersweet Christmas. We loved your presents. Dad totally loved the mug and coins! Heather also loved the necklace and earrings and the shirt for Evan! Thank you so much! Much love to everyone.