Thursday, December 18, 2008

Big Tackle *ETA*

***ETA: Laurie from Washington, you are correct! I did twist my ssp wrong! I was convinced it was on the purl side, but couldn't sort out what I was doing wrong. The only new stitch was a slip slip purl, whereas I'm used to yarn over and purl two together. Anyways. After watching a video online of a correct ssp, I'm pretty sure I'll be taking out the front piece and redoing it. I can't replicate that on the other side, since the knit side (to the right) would have to look like the (messed up) purl side (to the left). I've already taken the sleeve out twice, and I'll have to again since I only just sorted out the ssp issue. One was simply a cast on 24 instead of 34 issue. Duh!***

I used to be a dedicated crocheter. I loved crochet. My motto used to be: "I crochet because it's easier than knitting. You only have to control one utensil." But I began to realize I was blazing through all my yarn in record timing, simply because it was faster. And anyways, I couldn't get the really cute stuff done with crocheting. Everything I made (clothing in particular) came out chunky and stiff. So I tried my hand a knitting.

My first few knitting projects were hats for Joshua. I realized I could make hats that stretched, instead of having to make enormous sizes. I first tackled a baby sweater for Joshua. Since then I've made a few sweaters, a lot of hats, and some socks even! I really love making sweaters for new babies. I think I especially like this because both of my children have been too small for all their clothes at first. I love making the miniature sizes. That way I know they'll fit something at least!

I've already made this baby one sweater, which I'd show you, but I've already wrapped it up for Christmas. (Oceana is no respecter of whose present it is, she'll open it no matter what). I've been trying my hand at a few pairs of socks. I haven't nailed that one down yet, but ... soon enough. Before this baby comes I will be happy with a pair of socks I've made her. Mark my words!

I bought yarn a few weeks ago, in a beautiful dusty (non-baby-shade) pink, but got the register and realized that these weren't the ones on sale for 50% off. So, after talking to myself for a few minutes, I returned them. I just couldn't justify a sweater for $16, when I knew that I could buy something cheaper in the baby section of the same store.

The other day I blazed through the same store and saw some beautiful pastel grass colored yarn, that was only $3 a skein. I knew I could be skimpy and only buy 3, so I did that. And besides that, it came from my Christmas money. It's a double Christmas presents. I get a craft to make, the baby gets a present! :)

But because I've already made quite a few plain kimono cardigans (like Joshua's above), I thought it was time for a change. I found this pattern, which I love. But I've never tried anything with a pattern (ie. a design). I know I'm doing something wrong on the left side of the pattern. But so long as I continue doing that wrong thing throughout the pattern, it will all LOOK the same. So I don't care. I did get halfway up the sleeve today (where I've courageously added the design on my own), only to realised I messed something up royally. I sat there thinking, "Maybe no one will notice." I knew I would though. So I took out half the sleeve and started again.

My hope is to actually like what I've made when I get done. So taking out half a sleeve to redo it doesn't seem so bad. I'm a real perfectionist when it comes to my craft projects. But I also hurry. If I make a mistake and leave it (which I'm known to do), I will then hate the project and never wear it or use it. Dumb move, huh?

Anyways. Here's where I'm at. In case you're wondering, you add the buttonhole rows on later. The piece in process is the sleeve that has taken a small setback. But I'll finish it today. Because I have nothing better to do.

Things that qualify as nothing better to do.
Folding and putting away two loads of clean laundry (sitting on my couch).
Scrubbing down my bathroom (which smells like a urinal. I'll be so glad when I can throw that plastic potty away. It's nasty! (FYI, I bleach it once a week at least, it smells again the next day. We're buying a step stool and seat cover for Christmas. Then in the trash it goes!)
Cleaning the kitchen. (I was in a hurry to get out the door last night and left dishes soaking. But they're still there. )
Wrapping a few last Christmas presents.

See, nothing better to do! I'll knit!


  1. What an amazing talent you have.
    I love the color...
    and your design.

  2. I would love to learn how to knit! You're doing an awesome job! You'll have to show us the finished project once you've completed it. I sew and I haven't made this baby anything yet! Pretty sad...but he does have so much already from his three brothers before him that I don't think he'll be needing any new clothing.;)

  3. Look @ how crafty you are! What you've done is great!! Good for your. And the whole craft for you/gift for baby thing? I totally get that!

  4. It's beautiful - love the color!

  5. Looks likes something got twisted the wrong direction on the ssk or ssp or possibly a tension problem. I can't see it well enough to tell. I've done a little pattern knitting but not huge amounts. It is still very cute.
    Laurie in Washington

  6. I think you're doing an amazing job! I know I wouldn't know the first thing on crocheting or knitting! And mine definately wouldn't look anything at all like the pattern! :D

  7. I like this pattern, thanks for sharing the link. I'm also knitting a sweater, one with cables, twists and a double moss stitch yoke, which is all new (I've done only one cable before). I'll be posting on my blog later today, after I've been to sleep for the night.

    I do love the shade of green you chose. I have a great baby sock pattern if you're interested. I've tried five different patterns so far and it's the only one that's produced a sock for me. Here's a link to a picture of the pair I knit:

  8. wow! about a zillion times more than I could do :) Its gonna be cute and I love the color... thats actually the color of my porch...but it will look much cuter on baby Sams #3 Take care

  9. I wish I knew how to knit! Awesome job Susie!!!!! I love the color!

  10. ok, love that color green, did you get our gift yet??? canttt wait, go for it and open it right away, haha, i know i would!!! yes no computer is ROTTEN!!! grrrrrr...

  11. You are so grandma would be proud of you. Every year Sarah and I would get a sweater and hat and mittens from her. No joke. Someday I will have to show you pictures. I love you....sorry I haven't been in touch more. I will get better, promise! *hugz*

  12. How cute is that sweater! I am a very beginner knitter.. so far I'm very proud of my scarf!

    When you find a sock pattern that you like, adult or kiddo could you please post a link to it if there is one?


  13. Check out and if you haven't already. I've just started to knit and found tons of help there in the videos and forums.

    Beautiful sweater!

  14. Gorgeous! I'm loving knitting stuff with a "pattern" too...I made a hat for my niece, and I'm working on a sweater (o.k. so I didn't even cast it on yet, but I bought the yarn, so that counts as working on it, right?) LOL!