Wednesday, December 17, 2008


For lack of a better way to put it - today is Thursday. I have nothing interesting to say, but I am keenly aware I have not written much lately. I am not sure why this is. Perhaps it's all the Christmas crafts, projects, and shopping I am doing. Perhaps it's simply that I haven't much to say.

Nevertheless, I do still take photos. Not as many as sometimes. But these... These deserve sharing.

You see, my daughter is a cheeky thing. A little pipsqueak. She has a personality unrivalled and MAN is she fun!

And yes, if you must know. She does dress herself these days. Much to my chagrin. Matt would let her go to church like this. Sundays and most "out" days I fight her. This morning? This morning I refused to fight. Please don't let my daughter go into fashion. It would be the end of civilization as we know it.

I love this shot! I wish the shadow wasn't right in her face. But I love the shot still. Eh... we'll say it adds character. Okay? Good. Oh, and yes, I know it's blown out. I have yet to master Aperature mode. Crud. I deleted several that you could only see orange eyes in... the rest was white. Please Andrea, laugh at me!

She's gotten into this pose-y thing lately. Oh, belive me, I'm more than thrilled to capture her. But this was over the top!

As was this. She wasn't in trouble. She didn't get reprimanded. She just marched out into the grass and did this. Oh, for photoshop. I'd take those ugly soccer equipment pieces out of my otherwise cute photo! Oh, and B&W covers up the managerie that is her outfit!

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  1. Way cute photo's of your Oceana with personality plus. Aren't little girls so much fun. It takes them awhile... then all of the sudden they realize that they are all that & a bag of chips!!!!

  2. Susie these pictures are gorgeous!! And, Oceana is beautiful! I love seeing her personality through your photos since I saw you weekly it seemed (being in David's constantly with my wedding planning) your whole pregnancy with her I feel like I should know her, but I don't really, just through her eyes in your pictures.

    Thanks for sharing. Even if it is just pictures. :)

  3. Her outfit is precious! Seriously, enjoy it while you can. Soon enough she'll start trying to dress you! And yes, the fashion sense does improve as they age.

    I love the very first w/ her tongue sticking out (reminds me of my sg) & the last one. Absolutely ADORABLE!!

  4. Beautiful pictures! You should check out gimp online. It is a free photo editing program that does almost everything photoshop does. It is a little bit hard to learn, but so much fun to play with!!

  5. Very very very cute pictures! I love how you're able to capture her like this. I always miss Evan when he's doing the cute things.

  6. Precious!!!!! I love her outfit, by the way. It's a perfect 2 yr old outfit! :)

  7. Very adorable outfit!

    That last picture is one for a frame. My, she is a ham for the camera!

  8. O I think her outfit is fun, well it's fun at this age maybe not at 25? She is super cute

  9. She's a doll! I love that last picture especially.

    My boys dress themselves around here lately too. It's eh...Interesting.

    By the way, do you know how many times I've said "oh for photoshop"? lol. Let's pool our resources and buy one to share...That is, if we didn't live on opposite sides of the world :)

  10. I love her sense of style :) Way to be creative Oceana!

  11. Susie,
    The photo's are priceless.Oceana is such a cutie. I love her "clothinging choice" it shows much creativity in her eyes design. :) Oh yes, the photo you said you didn't like the soccer equipment.... have you thought of hazing the pic from aroung the corners? You can put a darker to lighter haze around the edges of the pic and never know that there was anything there. Just a thought.
    Stay sweet and I enjoy the photo updates. They're a nice relaxing thing to look at.

    Sonja - Fl

  12. Oh I love the b&w ones. She is just gorgeous. My daughter has one of those unique gigantic personalities too. They're so fun ;)

  13. Aww, so cute! You have such an adorable daughter! I love seeing photos of her!

  14. If only you could see how many I delete!! Who'd be laughing then???? :)

    Black and white covers a multitude of sins (not that her outfit is a sin, I'm just remarking that b&w is especially kind).

    Merry (hot) Christmas!!


  15. Those are Adorable!!! of Oceana! She's a little poser!! She's workin' it!