Saturday, January 26, 2008

Day 20

Joshua's gained 2 oz from his birth weight. I can only assume (since he wasn't weighed since birth) he lost weight after he was born. Most babies do. So, he's probably filling out a bit. He doesn't seem so small as he did - though 2 oz probably doesn't make a huge difference. I'm probably just getting used to having such a little boy.

Like I said, I've been knitting again. Because I'd chewed off my nails. I finished the sweater last night, only to chew the remainders of my nails off this morning. Blah. I'm gonna run out of yarn if I have to constantly be knitting. I'd chew gum, but I have a jaw problem and it irritates that. So I'm either stuck with lots of knitting, or no fingernails.
I thought it came out well. A strong and courageous lion. I thought it was appropriate.

No lion's complete without a tail. So, he got a tail.

We made it to church this morning. It was a good day to go, since a lot of people were away - so it was quieter than usual. It was great to be there, and good to rejoice in the fact that I've got my Lil Miracle in my lap. :) He's so precious.

This morning when I changed his head cloth there was part of a scab attached to the cloth. This isn't good, since I think it may have ripped off more than should have come off. There was a spot that looked a bit pink (like the blood's not far underneath) where the scab had come off. He's leaked a bit since that came of this morning (at 9) and it's only 1 now. Pray that stops.

The cold's over. Yay! He slept through again last night. Again - issues with that alarm. I'm gonna have to ask Matt - or test it out, and see if its actually going off or not.

:Love to all:
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  1. The sweater is really cute! If you need more yarn, just let me know. I'll be sending some off as soon as you say so. Good to hear you are getting out a little. Praying every day for that little one and for all of you. God said to me, "I have prayed for you that your faith should not fail", so I will continue to have faith in the Faithful One for all your needs.

  2. I love the tail on the lion sweater!!!! hee hee....I love all your knitted creations...I sooo wish I could do that!!!

  3. That sweater is just precious! Great work! So glad to see Joshua is still here with you. Many blessings to you and your incredible family!

  4. looooveee the sweater girl, you sure are talented!
    you neeed to take a photo of him in it!
    what's on tap for the party this week?
    much love,

  5. I LOVE that sweater! I do more crocheting than knitting...I'm still learning to knit. I can't wait until I can knit something like that...I love the kimono style! That will be great for him too! PTL! That he is still with you! I'll continue to pray for you. =)