Friday, January 25, 2008

Honeymoon Poison

Last week Tarah decided to ask her readers to ask her questions. I guess she needed some new blog-able writing. So I asked her - among other things - What's your worst "Honeymoon" cooking disaster? (The thing you laugh about now, because Seth's sure you tried to poison him)? And then I promised that I'd share mine. Well, much to my dismay, Tarah did not try to (inadvertently) poison Seth. BUT! I did promise to share my Honeymoon Poison Disaster.

About a month after we got married, I was still having trouble even coming up with something to make for dinner - let alone cooking it right. I'd been a nanny for a family that was big into marinated chicken breast the previous year. So I thought I'd try that. And since we were "just starting out" and didn't have a whole lot in the way of baking, cooking, and seasoning ingredients, I used what I had. I defrosted the chicken breast and poured over a marinade made (strictly!) of orange juice and pepper. Maybe salt too. But the pepper was really... heavily administered. And then I left it to marinate. A long time. I think all day.

So dinner time arrived, and I was all proud to serve my (ORIGINAL) marinated chicken breast. Only then did Matt and I realize that when you marinate chicken in orange juice ALL DAY LONG it tastes like you're eating an orange. A very peppery orange. In fact, so peppery you barely could force it down. It was so far beyond "tastefully spicy". It just tasted like generic pepper. And orange. No chicken flavor left. We could have been eating marinated cardboard; we'd never have known the difference.

And then came my hubby's famous words. The live on... and will, I fear... for years and years to come.

"Honey, I love you. But please don't ever make that again."


  1. That is so funny! I don't cook, my husband does most of it, but without a recipe, I would have a disaster on my hands. ~Angie

  2. Wow! I remember the time I made Spaghetti. I had made it several time before and decided to do something again...I just stay out of the kitchen now and let the hubby take over. He's sooo much better at kitchen stuff than I am...*sigh* LOL :)

  3. Oh my gosh! That is soooo funny!!!
    We all have those kind of stories, but we're not all able to tell a story quite like you. Love how you write.

  4. :) Funny story about the chicken. I have not tried to "poison" my hubby but our first Valentine's Day together I nearly set our kitchen on fire when the pasta I was putting in the pot fell on the burner instead and burst into flames. Not good.

  5. Oh my ... that is soooo funny. I am over here laughing my bum off, way over in frigid rural Michigan!!

    ~Quaker Rose

  6. YUM! sounds good! i'm impressed with matt - sounds like he was super sensitive about it! that's a great story!

    i don't have my own story, but my mom has always told me hers. when she and my dad got married, they didn't cook a lot the first couple weeks with getting settled in and the like, but their first meal at home, my mom decided to make one of her most favorite meals for him. tuna noodle casserole. unfortunately not only does my dad HATE tuna, but he also HATES peas. my mom said she cried for days and refused to cook when my dad's reaction was: "WHAT is that!? there is NO way i'm eating that!" to this day she's really careful with tuna. she doesn't even make it if he's in the house or due to be home within a few hours. sheesh. hehe.

  7. Love the story. I'm sure you were dissapointed that I didn't have one, sorry! I'm sure something has happened food wise but not bad enough to remember. Now if you ask Seth about the snowman wind chimes that's a story (I'll tell ya sometime) that we'll remember for many years to come. I kept the snowman and it's in our Christmas stuff so we relive it every year!