Friday, February 8, 2008

Day 33

That good news is such a relief. I was really worried that in the midst of all this mess. I was sure I'd end up being low on iron and have a thyroid problem. While it still leaves the panic attacks unanswered (the thyroid might have been relate to them), it's reassuring that my thyroid's not "going". (Like it's a carburator or something... haha) My dad's sister has had her thryoid removed, and she told me it "gave out" when she was pregnant with her 2nd child - at the age of 22. (OH MY GOODNESS!) So it had me pretty freaked out when I looked at some of the "symptoms" of thyroid issues. It's amazing how when you're worried you can "see" your symptoms so much more. Skin and hair changes - fatigue - depression - anxiety - trouble remembering things. Ok - who, when they're stressed, doesn't see some of these things!

"Hi, my name is Susie; and I'm a hypochondriac!"

Oceana's hanging on my shoulders and has a full-o-stink diaper. I'll be right back.
All better.

Joshua's sitting up in one of his chairs this morning. As Matt put it, "Buddy, you wanna watch the world go by?" On that note, we've realized that either Joshua's blind (but can see light) or he doesn't have the reaction to blink when things are moving close to his face. If we wave our hands in his face - where a normal person would blink uncontrollably - he isn't even slightly phased.

My dad is back from Samoa this morning. It was nerve-wracking having him gone for over a week with Joshua in his present condition. Especially when he had the infection. But he's back and Joshua's doing great.

Beautiful little hands. Looooong fingers. See all those "rolls"? My boy needs to gain some more weight and fill those out!
Long skinny feet too.

Hanging out in his bassinet. Those are preemie-sized pants. Wow, he's still so teeny.
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  1. hey goose,
    good to hear bout your thyroid. you need to call me, we did the thyroid last year, I'd love to hear what your readings were. love you .. give josh and oce kisses for me.

  2. Joshua is so precious, I am in love with his little tummy wrinkle rolls! :)

  3. cuteeee outfit in blue, adorable!!!

  4. hi Susie, hope things are well today. I love your blog, as always.

  5. I love the pics of his hands and his foot - baby hands and feet are so cute.

  6. i love the bootiesss on him! What a doll. Cheers to another coffee-fueled day! <3 Mary

  7. I found your site through someone else's blog and just wanted to say that you have a beautiful family. I will also be praying for your son. And me being a teenager, it's so cool how much you love your youth group....keeping you in my prayers.

    Moriah from PA

  8. You take great pictures. Of course you also have adorable subjects. Praying for you from Arkansas.

  9. Hello Susie. I'm a member of the January 08 board on babyfit. I've been following Joshua's incredible journey and am praying for him. He is such a little miracle and so gorgeous. I also wanted to tell you that you are so brave and courageous.
    Hugs and prayers from Ohio!

  10. IHOP LI posted your info for us to pray, around the time Joshua was born. We have been since; today i finally got to read your entttiiire blog! Your children are precious gifts, you know this of course, and we join our prayers with yours for God's will and strength.

  11. I'm so glad your thyroid is okay and that you don't have to take the yucky iron stuff. So thankful that Joshua's infection is gone and basking in the ever faithfulness and mercy of our God who has "turned His face toward us and has been gracious to us". Praying for a good week, that He will go before and make a way in the many areas that need a way. Love and hugs to each of you! Mom