Friday, February 8, 2008

Good news

My thyroid's within the normal range.

My iron's within the normal range.

Joshua's CSF isn't leaking too badly. Yesterday the nurse reused the previous day's outside padding (just changed the inside dressing). And she did the same thing today. Which means that Joshua used the same "packing" for 3 days! When it was leaking heavily he was going through all the layers and soaking his hat after about 24-36 hours.

And the house is clean.


  1. Way to go Susie! Sounds like a new day....

  2. Praise the Lord!

    Very happy for all these things. I know they are all huge.

    Trying to clean the house with a newborn and a toddler is just not all it's cracked up to be!

    So glad to hear about Joshua and you.



  3. You go girl!

    Great news about Joshua!
    Have a great weekend! Enjoy the warm weather... it's still snowing here. Hasn't stopped in three days. Yay.


  4. Yay for all your good news! :)

  5. Praising God for the good news!!

  6. Hi Susie, I found your blog from Ginger's (because she linked you on the book game). I was reading your story and all about Joshua. Please know that people in Texas are praying for you - myself and all my family. My sister has a three month old who is one of God's miracles as well, so we KNOW they really do happen. I pray for a miracle for Joshua and healing on his sweet little body. I pray for strength and rest for you and Matt, and that the Lord will provide His divine guidance.