Thursday, December 15, 2011

Naomi according to FB statuses

‎"Naomi, get your bumbum off the table." "I not bumbum on da table. I have undies!" "It's still rude, even with undies."

Bye bye penny. We'll see you in a few days..... "Mommy! Da penny! In my mouff! It gone! Oww... I'm ok."

Naomi, while looking up at the Christmas tree: "Can we get more bingle bells?"

"Mom! Wook at me! I'm a pirate!" Ok diaper-wearing 2yo, whatever you say.

What *IS IT* about the hour before bedtime that makes my kids act absolutely bonkers? #mommysgoingtohaveanervousbreakdown

Naomi "Da wights! Da wights not on! (tree lights)" She runs over to plug them in and then says, "Dere, now it Kissmas!" That's right baby, it's not Christmas 'til the lights are on ;) She's so fun!

‎"Mom, can I wear boots to church?" "Uh, yah. Sure." ---- I've given up the "reasonable" clothing thing .... sweatpants, stained shirts, rain boots. Whatever....

Dear Sweet 2yo,
4:30am hurts, doesn't it? Let's try early to bed and not repeat the mistake.
your frazzled mother.

Thanks pregnancy nose for saving my carpet: "Hmm... I smell nailpolish. WHY DO I SMELL NAILPOLISH!!??!" Foiled again Naomi....

So, in case you've missed it over the last 2+ years of reading about Naomi's antics .... she's a busy kid. In fact, words used (by others, including strangers) to describe her, include but are not limited to:

Ball of energy
Something (As in: Ain't she something')
Full of energy
The boy (my father-in-law)

Life is never dull. Never. Ever.

I'm just a little worried about how Little Sister is going to do with her antics.... Time will tell.

Photo credit to Emily at ELFotography.

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