Friday, December 2, 2011

The wane in blogging

In the past when I've neglected my blog, I'd run back and apologize. I'm sorry I left you! I'm really here still! Here are the reasons for my absence...

But the truth is I've lost some of my enjoyment of blogging. And the truth is that this is *Joshua's* blog. I feel strange when I post anything about my business, anything about sewing or things of that nature. And that's what fills my life right now, besides my girls.

I don't want this to become "The blog about her son that turned into her sewing blog". It just doesn't seem right. Continuing on with our family story, yes. But I want to blog about sewing, about aprons, about crafts. I don't because this is Joshua's place.

I started blogging here 4 years ago. I'm not saying I'm done. But I'll probably start to concentrate my efforts over at the sewing blog ( It feel bad putting things here.

That said, there's an update going up over there in just a minute. I hope, in the next little while, to start doing more fun things there. I still love you all. Check in occasionally - I'll post about the baby and my girls as I feel the need. Maybe just writing this post will take the pressure off? I don't know. We'll see what happens.

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  1. I miss you when you don't post, but as a blogger I do get that it's hard to post unless you want to. Anyway, if you completely stop blogging ecept for sewing I'd miss you, but understand.
    Would it help you at all to start another family blog that's not just Joshua's blog?