Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day

Our little girls gave us until just around 8am to sleep. Thanks to a late Christmas Eve service.

They really loved their new sleeping bags Momma made.

Naomi is over the moon with her new Rapunzel doll.
Oceana loved everything she opened. Especially the "cowgirl" clothes (hat, shirt, bandana, and boots) that she asked for.

But one gift we weren't counting on, was this new cast. Just about bedtime (Ok, 15 minutes past bedtime, I was running behind), Naomi tumbled down at entire flight of (thankfully carpeted) stairs. I looked up when I heard the tumbling, just in time to see her in a full upside down cartwheel about halfway down the stairs. :( My poor baby broke both bones in her lower arm (radius and ulna) with at least one, maybe two buckle fractures. I understood it was 1 buckle, 1 greenstick, but then at the ortho yesterday it sounded like she had 2 buckles. Irrelevant really, she has a broken arm. She has to wear a sling for at least 2 weeks, and the cast for 4. The sling attaches to that D-ring they plastered right in with the fiberglass. Thank you Mr. Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon for knowing that if it's not attached to her cast and tied to her neck at all times, she won't be wearing it. :) (PS, the D-ring is in her mouth because she thinks it's a phone). Poor baby....

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