Saturday, October 1, 2011

The truth of the matter

.... is that tonight instead of cleaning my kitchen and folding laundry, I pinned puffy sleeves on a bodice and watched a documentary on Netflix.

.... is that tonight I let my oldest stay up and play XBox360 golf with Daddy until ten minutes to ten.

.... is that tonight, for the first time in close to a month, bedtime was easy with Naomi.

.... is that tonight I talked with a friend on the phone for 2+ hours.

.... is that tonight I shared Joshua's story again. And again I was reminded how blessed I was in that Joshua was allowed to go home with me in the state he was. And again I was reminded that he was a miracle.

.... is that tonight I noticed the girls' fish is floating on its side at the top of the bowl. And now I am aware there will be a trip to the pet store tomorrow.

... is that tonight I stayed up far too late, filling my head with things to ponder, and accomplished nothing that I felt I "should".

.... is that I will go to bed with my dishes still in the sink and my laundry still unfolded.

.... is that I will attempt to ignore my mom-guilt. And sleep soundly. Because Naomi went to bed on time, so she won't sleep in 'til 8am anymore.


  1. haha this is funny :) all these magical things happening in one night! Lucky mom, you

    Lovely Little Rants

  2. Sounds very familiar. Amazing how angels have a way of showing us to appreciate the simple things.

  3. Prayers for your family. Congrats on the newest bundle of joy.