Friday, April 8, 2011

Today's goal

Water consumption.

Anyone else not much for water drinking?

I'm the one that gets pregnant (not now!) and immediately thinks, "Uh oh, I'm supposed to be drinking over 100oz of water."

I'm lucky if I drink 2 cups a day. Really. I'm that bad at it. That's when I'm pregnant.

Imagine how bad I am when I don't have an itty-bitty person to think of.

I'm bad at the water drinking.

So today's plan --- little steps at a time. Drinking my water. I think the general rule of thumb is divide your body weight by 2 and drink that many ounces. Eeesh.... I think I better fill up my water bottle now....


  1. You sound just like me! I have been trying my best to down TONS of water... and that means maybe 2 big glasses a day. MAYBE. good luck!

  2. Tip- if you get bored with it, its ok to cut it with a sugar free or diet(splenda sweetened) juice. Cranberry is fantastic and you only need like 1/4 juice to 3/4 to give it flavor, and you're adding antioxidants.

  3. Fizzy water maybe? I drink almost no regular water, but once I got a soda stream machine & started making fizzy water, I drink loads! ;)

  4. Walmart or Dollar Tree sales Wylers Light Pink Lemonade Singles to go Mix. It is sugar free, no fat, no carbs and only 10 calories per packet. I am on a diet thru my doctors office and must consume at least 64 oz a day. This makes it so much easier. I have no problem and probably drink twice as much. You get 10 packets for $1.00. I usually add it to double the water it suggest (don't like it too strong). I bought one of those big 44 oz drink cups and just keep filling her up. Good Luck!! Oh - in Walmart it is with the crystal light and kool-aid mixes(they are way more costly).

  5. Hi, I have commented before but can't remember what I used to login!
    If youre used to drinking 3 cups of coffee the diuretic effect is you can count it. If you're used to 3 cups and drink more one day only count the 3

    Oh and I can heartily recommend for those wanting to lose or gain weight/get fit etc. Food diary, forums, fb style wall and great support...and best of all its free!

  6. Sliced lemons, limes, oranges and other citrus are great for flavoring water. I've also used cucumber. Haven't tried mint, but have heard that's also quite good.

    I keep a 32 oz water bottle on me at all times. It's easy to track how many I've had, and how many more I think I should have. Plus it's always at hand.

  7. I am ADDICTED to Crystal Light Pure Fitness, it doesn't have artificial sweeteners. I really dislike drinking large amounts(who am I kidding, even medium/small amounts) of water. It doesn't taste like anything, yet it does. I get nauseous. Good luck with it, now that I am drinking enough most days, I really notice how bad I feel when I don't. It's like flossing, do it for a week and you'll never go back to not doing it!