Friday, April 1, 2011

Good morning, from ME!

Ok - so I said I was going to tame the tummy, get in shape, lose the pounds.

I am.

I'm just not ready to take pictures of myself or post any specifics.

But I am thinking about it. And I am doing something.

It's dreary and disgusting around here right now, so walking won't be happening. But I am promising myself to do *something* today. Whether that's crunches during TV or an aerobics thing on TV (I'm sure they have those, right? I've never looked...)

The food: I am weak. :) Just being honest here. The good news is that the Cookies & Cream ice cream is gone, all that's left is the black raspberry (which I hate) so I won't be tempted in THAT arena. The chips - which usually don't tempt me - got the better of me last night.

But taking Mrs. Stethoscope's advice, I wrote down everything I ate one day (meant to the next day, but I can still tell you what I ate). I'll tell you what, writing down everything you eat makes you stop eating everything in sight. You just don't want to write anything else down after a while. Especially if you can see a pattern of snacking needlessly after a good meal.

Some food discoveries I've made:

I need to start buying 1% milk again (skim grosses me out, but 1% I can handle). I was buying 2% or whole --- that needs to stop! It's just not necessary.

If you throw your black bananas in the freezer, you can cut them in chunks, peel them, and add them to your smoothies. :) I don't have room in the freezer for ice (and no ice machine). So this worked for my "need something cold and chunky" ingredient. It also helps me get through the half a dozen tired bananas that have been thrown in (wedged in) the freezer.

Smoothie: blueberries, strawberries, frozen banana, and plain yogurt. Yummy!

Wheat toast. Not my favorite. But this morning one piece of wheat toast and a piece of string cheese got me full. I guarantee a slice of Wonder bread can't do that.

I'm fighting the urge to bake. The fact that I haven't done my dishes today (and that we literally ran out of spoons this morning....) is helping me stop myself. :)

So, just letting you know what's going on here. As always, your helpful comments are appreciated. I read them, other read them - share away :).


  1. I use a website called You can track your food and see your calorie intake. It gives you a goal of calories for your goal of how much you want to lose each weight and how much exercise you're doing to achieve that. Big bonus for me is the site gives you extra calories when you exercise. My kind of reward. ;-) Tracking and seeing a number of calories with what I'm consuming really keeps me in check.

  2. It's hard some times to get started, I started a health kick in October and the only thing that got me on the healthy path was blogging about it, making myself accountable for what I was eating publicly! Boy did that work, in my head I would say " do you want to tell everyone you ate that". It worked.

    Also decided to teach myself to jog, fell in love with Zumba and took up boxing. Zumba is good because you can do it at home and the girls could join in!

    Good luck :)

  3. GUM and COFFEE!
    (I know you have the coffee part of this down, but...)
    Coffee and other warm beverages help to fill me up in between meals. Milk w/a meal helps too. And gum immediately following a meal makes me stop eating. If you don't have any gum try brushing your teeth. You'll lose weight and have an even prettier smile to show off!

  4. Good Luck to you :-)

    The south beach diet book had some great (and supper yummy ideas/recipes) even if it's not your thing. It's super easy to make a batch of the egg (muffins?) with cheeese and veg and then keep them in the freezer. We also really like the lettuce roll ups with a slice of lunch meat, strips of peppers, and flavored mayo. Great snack.

    As far as the milk goes, I wish I could remember the name of the book - basically a family including the dog moves to france for 6 months or a year and EVERYONE - even the dog - loses weight. It's attributed to the french style of eating - that they're eating more fresh things, less processed things, but also more "WHOLE" things. Better to use whole milk, real butter, etc in moderation and be really satisfied than to use an inferior substitute and still want.


    Has lots of helpful things, recipes, exercises, places to track data, teams for support, etc...

    Good luck!!

  6. re the lack of spoons - I know someone who had a house rule that they only had to do the dishes when they ran out of spoons, (it was a university flat full of boys). It seems some days it was easier to go buy more spoons than do the dishes. As a result they had a LOT (LOT LOT!) of spoons. I am not sure that helps with moving muffin tops (as evidenced by my own) unless of course you walk to the shop to buy the spoons. I may try that myself tomorrow!

  7. Hi Susie,

    I have found that protein helps curb my appetite and helps me to feel full longer just like that wheat toast did for you. Keeping a food journal is really good like you said! Also drinking lots of water helps your liver to metabolize fat better because it doesn't have to help out the kidneys.

    Also it's helpful to already have prepared healthy snacks that you like to eat...that way if you get the munchies you have something healthy to munch on. I like to slice up red, yellow, and green bell peppers, broccoli, and zuchinni to snack on with mozarella cheese. Yummy. I also I have found some fruits help curb my sweet tooth..I love mangoes, strawberries, and bananas. Your banana smoothie sounds delish..never thought of using frozen banana's as the ice. Yummy!

    Good luck to on droppin the pounds you want, but you still are looking great, but it never hurts to be healthier!