Friday, April 8, 2011

Do you have an "I don't know what to do with this crap" pile?

Yah. Me neither.

Water: 16oz and hopefully another 16oz before bed. 32 is not half my body weight....
So let's call today a fail in the water department. Since *apparently* coffee doesn't count as water....


  1. Half my house seems to be a "I don't know what to do with this pile". lol

  2. Susie: I am a big water drinker, but was surprised to learn that one can actually drink too much water. You may want to research a little before you try to drink so much. You may be doing well at the 32 oz. range.

  3. Ha! I wish coffee counted as water! I'd be drinking my whole body weight in fluids no problem if coffee counted! I have gotten pretty good at half my weight though. I bought a 22oz reusable, spill proof, shatter proof bottle and fill it 3 times, it comes out pretty close, and 3 bottles doesn't seem as hard as like 6 glasses!

  4. Dear one! 16 oz of water before bed??? Sounds like you might have to get up in the night!

  5. Yep, sure do. It's why my blog address is
    My house is chockers with "bits of thing".

  6. Yeah my whole house is an "I don't know what to do with this crap" pile...

    And for what it's worth, weight watchers in Australia now say we can count tea and coffee - at least for half our water intake!


  7. its ok... tomorrow is a clean slate you can get all your water in then

  8. Girl, my whole life is a "I don't know what to do with this crap pile"! My house, my car, my desk at work, my email inbox! =)

    This post made me smile! Love to you...

    Also...was that you bidding on Lynnette's book in the SGM auction? If so, do you have a copy? Because, if not...I have an extra one and would be glad to send you one. It's a great book.

    Let me know!

    (sufficientgraceministries at gmail dot com)

    P.S. Even my purse is an "I don't know what to do with this crap pile!" ;)

  9. Umm....let's just say this.

    There's not a single room in my house without at least 1 "I don't know what to do with this crap" pile.

    So umm...yeah....I totally understand.

  10. Coffee DOES count as water - you just can't drink it in excess. Most of your water comes from food anyway - you don't have to drink a set amount in a day. If you're thirsty, you need water - if you're not, you don't. If you're drinking sodas or juice when you're thirsty, you should absolutely drink water instead, but that's all. The only thing you'll do if you drink more water than your body tells you it needs is urinate more frequently.