Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Birthday to Nay Nay

4+ months old at Auntie Havalah's wedding in September 2009

Wearing Miss Shannon's sunglasses at 23 months

Helping me make playdough just last weekend

Nay Nay - you are a handful. I leave you alone sometimes to play, and I always regret it. You have an impressive ability to get into everything. In fact, JUST THIS WEEK you have used both peanut butter and yogurt as spa treatments (rubbing it into every inch). What I thought I knew about little girls went out the window when we met you. You keep up with the busiest of your little boy friends .... and somehow you're still a cuddly, baby-loving, dress-wearing, pretty girl who wants "tie!" (hair ties) and pretty shoes. :)

Who knows what the future will bring.

Happy Birthday Naomi Aroha (our pleasant and delightful love) - name meanings).


  1. Happy birthday Naomi!
    May God grant you many, many years!

  2. How sweet! Wish we saw you more. You really are such a pleasant family to be around. Happy Birthday Nae Nae! Spence really seems to enjoy you! ;)