Saturday, February 12, 2011

How I see things

My Family from


  1. These silhouttes look so much like what I see deep in my heart when I picture heaven. My husband, myself, our seven (praying for at least one more, to stay here on earth with us) children. I read your newest post, and my heart goes out to you. It's a hard road, saying good bye. My husband and I have struggled so much with the fact that we have seven children, and all seven are in heaven, and not with us. I believe we were not originally (way back in Eden) created for good-bye. I believe that is why it is so confusing, so painful. We are forever beings, but we are tied to temporary bodies and temporary experiences in this life. So something that isn't forever just is... not what we are meant for. I hope this comes out as I mean it... a piece of my heart to show you that you and Matt and Oce and Joshua Matthew (I refer to him by his full name always; the meaning is too beautiful not to) and Naomi and your two little ones in heaven, all seven of you, have a place in my heart and someday, in our forever home, I look forward to meeting you.