Saturday, February 12, 2011

Opposites attract

I was working on something for Matt yesterday and discovered I had set his tool bag down next to my new purse. ((Side note: $5.84 for a purse! Thankyouverymuch Target clearance!)) I thought it was funny --- the drastic difference between the two bags. :)

Matt bought this leather tool belt a month ago, but had issues with one large pocket because it didn't have the right compartments. ((Funny, that sounds like a diaper bag --- "There's no place for wipes! Diapers! Pacifiers! Extra clothes! I can never find the diaper cream!" )) *wink* So after much deliberation, I opted for heavy duty thread, upholstery needles, and a wide piece of nylon strapping.

I probably looked pretty funny, struggling to push the upholstery needle through work-grade leather. I make more noise sewing leather than I do exercising. **haha**

But I managed to fix it! Yay me! :)

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