Thursday, October 28, 2010

And now I shall bleach the cup

... if I had bleach, that is.

I was making Oceana's bed this morning. Naomi had been in the room playing with her toys just moments before when I walked into the bathroom to put something away.

As I walked in I saw Naomi holding the little yellow cup that had been Oceana's the night before (Is it just me or do they always need a drink last thing! Procrastination, I tell ya!). It was full of water. My eyes darted around and I realized there was only one place she'd have filled that previously empty cup (I knew it was empty because she had spilled what was left just a moment before).

Oh yah, she'd dunked in the bowl for a sip of water. I'm so glad I found her before she had a chance to sip. Necessity is the mother of invention? She's smart, I'll give her that.

We normally shut the bathroom door, but I guess I left it open after I was in there to get her dressed this morning. *Ooops* Guess I'll have to really pay attention to that!