Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sleep Changes

Naomi - true to form - slept through the night after I complained up and down the wall about her sleeping habits. And she did it for about three nights.

And then I slipped and wrote an email to a friend saying she'd slept through!

That night she didn't sleep through.

I don't believe in jinxing, but if I did *that* would be a prime example!

Oh well. We were given a bed with a trundle bed over the weekend and we've passed sleep #2 and nap #2 on the bed. It's ok. At least I feel better about her not sleeping on the floor (which is what I'd decided to try after I wrote the last blog because I figured that way she wouldn't be jumping out of bed every night). If she falls asleep before I leave (she can be a cuddler if she wants to be, so I can lay down next to her) she sleeps great. But last night she did her usual routine and screeched at the bedroom door. When I got her up this morning she'd slept in front of the door with her blankie and teddy bear. She sleeps so lightly there's no way I can go in and put her into her bed. (Oceana we could do anything with her, Naomi - don't touch her!)

It's not perfect. It's a little better. I wasn't ready to opt for a bed, but she's doing ok. She climbs very well, so if anyone's going to do well in a bed, it's going to be Naomi. Because it's got a trundle, I pull the trundle out so that if she falls, she lands on a mattress, rather than on the floor. We did the same thing (extra mattress slid under the bed) when we transitioned Oceana to a bed. *Here's hoping*.


  1. Would making a big fuss about a "big girl bed" help, do you think? Just tossing about ideas here, sleep deprivation is awful!

  2. My first one would sleep by the door but, thankfully, slept like a rock once she was down so we could move her to the bed when we went to bed.

    LOVE the idea of a trundle bed! My fifth one came when I was much too old to be dealing with the sleep deprivation and interruptions. When I put him to bed I would lay down beside his bed (to keep him from crawling out!)until he fell asleep. Usually I fell asleep first and when my husband went to bed he would nudge mr so I could crawl from my son's room to my own bed