Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Where's my weather report?

I was thinking today, I should get a daily (or at the very least, weekly) weather report.

*I can see you shaking your head*. No, I haven't been overseas so long that I've forgotten the TV shows you the daily weather (as does the internet and the newspaper). However, I was made aware of my out-of-the-loopness yesterday when I the sang praises of my library that allowed me to request books from the online catalog to be sent to my own library, who will call me when it's ready for pick up. Amazing! Oh, well, apparently that's pretty old news. *Woops.*

No, actually I was thinking about needing a weather report for my kids!

It would look a bit like this:

8am 50% chance of a meltdown over Cheerio to milk ratio (Kiwis, Cheerios is a cereal, not a sausage).

9am 90% chance of a blown out diaper

10am 35% chance of getting a shower.

11am 25% chance of getting a shower.

12pm Mostly grumpy, with a chance of occasional smiles.

1pm 100% chance of screaming.

2pm Popcorn hail on carpets

3pm Slim chance you'll ever get those last boxes unpacked

4pm 100% chance of quiet time. Pray for this hour, wait patiently. Or --- you know --- not so patiently.

5pm Dinner time is coming. Oh phew, bedtime's only 2 hours away.

What would your weather forecast have looked like today?


  1. Oh my!!! Sounds similar to my weather report... only every day from here until next august/sept will be 100% chance of having at least 1 child 99.9 % of the time.
    100% chance that my husband will not come home that night... until next august/september... to relieve this weather reporter...
    Hang in there momma!