Sunday, July 25, 2010

Another full-on week

Full-on. *Tired Momma at your service*.

We're in a bit of a Limbo Period here. We need our belongings until we leave, but we need to have our belongings gone when we leave. I wish that our flight went out at 7pm, but it goes out at 1pm. Because we're 3 hours from the airport, and it's an international flight, that means we have to leave our house, no later than 7am. I know that last morning will be chaotic, full of goodbyes, and final packing (you know, and feeding, toiletting, diapering, changing, and keeping happy two certain little girls).

There's no way I can ask people to come pick up a bed at 7am that last morning. I don't want to be waiting for people who get waylaid or forget.

Maybe we'll eat fish and chips the last week (Ha! Such a healthy option...), then I won't need my kitchenware?

Is the waiting and planning worse than the actual execution? I think so!

We fly in 4 weeks, 6 days - minus 5 days visiting my sister. That's just a *TAD* overwhelming when I look at everything I need to get rid of...

**** SIDE NOTE ****

If you hate talk of moving, packing, throwing away, and suitcases ... you want to take a 4 week hiatus. :) There's not going to be a lot else in discussion around here. :)


  1. pack up and sell everything a week earlier then stay in a caravan at the local park then you can go to other friends houses for the good buy dinners in the last week! just an idea lol!

  2. O man wish there was a way to make it smoother.. can't wait for you to get here so we can get together sometime... hugs, O and once your here and landed and unpacked and settled.. i'm going to need a tutu "-)

  3. Can you get all your stuff packed and picked up the day before your flight, and then go stay in a hotel near the airport?

    Good luck!

  4. I would get a hotel for that last night. Then you could get rid of your bed the day before.

  5. You know, with our last move, we really did eat fast food for the final week. I needed/wanted to pack my dishes, so we ate a lot of greasy fried stuff before the move. Hated it....but it got the job done.

  6. Barb's idea sounds good! Otherwise, have everything dispersed by the day before and spend the last night in a motel by the airport!

  7. Good luck Sus! It will all come together! Thinking of you all!

  8. Havne't moved internationally, but yes the waiting and planning is actually worse than the execution

  9. Good luck, Susie. Moving is always tough and I can't imagine the kind of move you're facing! I'l be praying for your sanity!