Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Let the record show

Let the record show that after 5 years, 3 weeks, and 5 days of marriage I can finally make a meatball that doesn't become particles of fried ground beef.

I have no idea what my problem was our first year of marriage but I couldn't make a meatball to save my life. I gave up after my first year and simply went to frying the beef (mince) up and mixing it to the sauce, rather than attempting meatballs.

Let the record show: 5 years is probably too long to figure it out...


  1. Well done - better late than never lol
    any news on Baby Haliah?
    thanks Barb from Melbourne

  2. Now that you've figured it out, you probably don't need a recipe. But in case you like one that is a huge hit in our family (and every pot luck I've ever attended), this was from my college pastor's wife. The recipe with the sauce makes great appetizers, but the meatballs alone are awesome with any other sauce (spaghetti, whatever the sauce is called for Swedish meatballs, etc). There's even a gluten free version in the notes =)

  3. So.....share your recipe & technique lady! :) I've never had a fried meatball. I am not a huge fan of fried things typically. But this sounds interesting! Do tell!