Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Girly Update

It has come to my attention that my beautiful girls have not been showcased in the blog lately. And since they are much cuter than anything I can write, I thought I'd like to see what we've been up to!
Waiting for Nana and Baboo at the airport. They came to visit for a week, but are back in Australia now with the ship - they sail for Papua New Guinea very soon.

Naomi's version of waiting at the airport. It was naptime, so she helped herself. She's still rear-facing s at 15 months and she'll stay that way as long as possible. I bought this carseat because she can be rear-facing to 35lbs (Oceana's only about 37). It works really well because she and Oceana look at each other when we are driving. They also try to steal each other's toys - but that's another matter. Naomi has recently decided she hates being buckled. Once the buckle is clicked in, she calms down and is fine. But getting her to sit and be buckled? Like wrestling a shrieking monkey!

**Someone commented that the buckle is to far down and should be up closer to her shoulders. Yes, I know this. When I buckle her in, I pull it up. I guess it must have slid down during the drive. Thank you for your concern for Naomi's safety.**
We still use the Moby occasionally. I forget to take it to town a lot these days, and end up trying to keep tabs on two very active girls. I think the Moby would save me some lost-sanity. I should just keep it in the car!

A quick snap-shot by Nana. I think I look weird here... Yes, my kitchen cupboards look odd. Previous tenants put contact paper on them, but the next tenants didn't like that and ripped it off. Now we have gummy, tri-colored cupboards. It's an adventure here folks... the cupboards are the least of my worries.

A day at the park with Nana. I love Naomi's hat. :) It's easy to make and people think it's adorable everywhere we go. It's got a chin-strap too - because I don't think there's a 1 year old alive who will leave their hat on! The tassels make me feel like she has pig-tails. But we all know that's not true. ;)


  1. Thanks for sharing those sweet photos! The one of you and Naomi and the moby is soo sweet!

  2. For someone who is as concerned with carseat safety as you are (i.e., you're rear-facing Naomi as long as possible, which, as you indicate, IS the safest), you should know better than to have her chest bar so low. In that second picture, it is waaaaay too low and is very unsafe. The chest bar should be at armpit level.

  3. Sweet photos.... thanks for sharing!!!

    BTW- how is Steve & Marie's baby girl?? I've been watching for more updates and have been praying for all of them (thanks for being the "messenger")!! ;-)

  4. This post makes me remember when you had Naomi in the sling on your back and you did an awesome video tutorial for how to put her in there. I am a big babywearing fanatic, but I've never been able to master that one! I'm determined to try again this time, but I might need the link to your video once again!

    Loved seeing the girls. Thanks for your comments on my blog. I realized with horror that it had been ages since I visited you, so I was glad for the reminder:)