Friday, June 11, 2010

Photos coming

Just dropping in to say - my poor blog probably doesn't remember me.

My drive to blog is not that this week. Part of the reason being: my house was in a bit of disarray. And I'm getting (closer) to a point where I feel guilty if I sit down and ignore the necessary housework. So, finally today the house is looking more livable and I feel the need to blog just a bit.

I took photos on our getaway - it was fabulous! Matt did not tell me until several days later that Naomi woke every hour the first night I was gone. *uh oh* But it makes sense now because on Monday I found a new tooth (#8). I don't know that Matt would have made that connection hysteria/waking/crying/teeth/where's the Tylenol [Pamol].

The girls and I (2 moms and 2 single chicks - who are all awesome, for the record) went to cafes, watched girlie movies, ate fabulous dinner, and felt a bit out-of-sorts when we realized there were no children to watch, no babies to change, no extra dishes, no housework staring us in the face. Bliss, bliss I tell ya! At one point I actually thought I heard Naomi crying and had to stop and remind myself she wasn't napping in the house. :) Funny...

Other than that? It's cold. Winter is HERE! Wow... it had been cool, but about 3 days ago the real winter weather hit and I've spent more than a few evenings in two sweatshirts.


  1. Glad to hear it was such a good getaway for you. Good to have you "back".

  2. :::jumping up & down::: Susie's posting again! Hooray! :)