Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's good for you!

Broccoli, spinach, prenatal vitamins (which I am not taking, just in case you thought I was alluding to something!), Spirulina. Sometimes icky stuff is lumped into that "It's good for you" group, just to make you think it's better for you. For the record I actually love broccoli, spinach is on my 'must be cooked right' list [but is still good]. Spirulina's on my hate-list.

But this really IS good for me!

I'm going on a girls only weekend with some girlfriends, and I'm really excited! This isn't the first time I've left Oceana with Matt overnight, but it is the first time I've left Naomi with anyone [as far as I remember, I didn't actually leave Naomi with my mom overnight, but I can't remember].

It's good for Matt. It's good for me.

Now I just have to remind myself of that if Matt should text message with something like "They've been crying for hours!". o_O, I really hope this goes well. I need a break. Need need need need a break.

I hope I can set aside the worry for 2 days so I can have a real break. :)


  1. Have fun! We all need those kind of breaks! I love girls' weekend. Matt and the girls will be fine. Enjoy.

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    Take care & Godbless

  3. Susie:

    How did your getaway work out? Hope it was refreshing for you.