Sunday, May 30, 2010


We've been inside for much of the last 2 weeks. I shouldn't complain, and I'll really try not to. There's been a lack of rain this autumn, but as per New Zealand weather, it seems we've caught up. It has rained for parts of every day in the last 2 weeks, as far as I can remember. It's very helpful - for well water, for farming, for unbrowning the grass, it is not so helpful for small children who need to run their excess energy out!

My brother-in-law suggested sending them outside in the rain to play anyways. Naomi would do it in a heartbeat. Oceana wouldn't do it for a million dollars!

So instead of outside activities, we've been finding plenty to do indoors. Coloring was one of our keep-'em-busy plans this week.
Of course, Naomi did some snacking along the way.

Oceana surprised me with her ability to finding the matches here. I didn't tell her what the page said, she was just coloring away and said, "Momma, look, this and this are the same!" [The two brown donkeys are the same, the three green ones are different]. It seems that this one is much like toilet-training "She'll do it when she's ready". :)

One of Oceana's friends turned 4 yesterday, so we put together this purple hat, using this pattern. I did use two strands of yarn to make it nice and chunky, and I didn't follow the exact decorative pattern. The actual pattern for the hat is the same though.
So that's us. :) Braving the rain and trying to keep things entertaining. :) Hope you're doing well where you are!


  1. You're doing a wonderful job!! I attempted to draw pictures yesterday with Jarvis, unfortunately he thought the crayons made a super teething aid & ended up with a green mouth ;)

  2. love the purple hat!! looks very warm :-)

    I haven't been in the blog world for ages, and I've missed following your blog!! Aww the two little girls are growing up... wow...

  3. As a childcare provider, I couldn't survive the rainy season without a Jump-o-lene. It keeps them contained and happy for hours and hours. After they get tired of jumping, I fill it with plastic balls.