Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cooperating Preschool

I was incredibly blessed to meet Matt & Cora 2+ years ago when Joshua was alive. Our paths crossed occasionally, but it wasn't until just 2 months ago that we got the friendship ball rolling.

Two months ago Matt - Cora's Matt, yes this does get confusing because we both refer to Daddy Matt and Uncle Matt with the kids - was speaking on the DTS. Matt D asked me if I had Oceana in preschool and I hesitated. I often do hesitate because it's really the norm to have your 3 and 4 year olds in preschool. So normal, in fact, that I don't know a Kiwi who doesn't have their 3 or 4 year old in preschool. (It's government subsidized, 20 free hours, which is part of the reason its so popular).

But I spoke up and said that since I was seriously considering homeschool Oceana, I didn't see the point in sending her to preschool (we call it Kindy here). The conversation quickly took a turn I had not expected, and he told me Cora wanted to homeschool Keana (also just turned 4), but didn't have a lot of support to that end.

Cora and I caught up to have a chat about homeschooling and kindergarten and everything else under the sun just a few weeks ago.

And the result? Keana [4], Oceana [4], Eva [2], and Naomi [1] have two mornings a week together as a playgroup. We switch homes - Tuesday is our day, Friday is theirs - and the respective Momma is in charge of organizing her morning. We're not going nuts with the structure, but we are setting up a rhythm to the morning to help things run smoothly. And anyways, kids (like it or not - I'm so unstructured!) thrive on routine. :) Tuesdays they take Oceana home to play (and the offer to keep Naomi is there if I need the time) and on Fridays we take Keana home to play (giving them time off, since Eva already has a sitter Friday afternoons).

So, check it out - the first of many playdate tea parties:
I'm very excited about this. It's awesome! And the girls roll along like the best of friends! Yay!


  1. That will be so great!....
    When I was that age, my mom and a few other moms did the same thing. There were 3 of us that rotated like that. That's what we did instead of preschool, and each mom took a different focus.......

  2. sounds like you are all going to have lots of fun! We are gearing up for the loooong summer break and I have plans for some structure and routine (read Mum's holiday homework) We shall see how long that lasts!

  3. Hello, I have read so much of your blog and have been wanting to say hi. My mom found your site when we were both searching for information about encephaloceles, because my son, August, was born January 12, and did not survive delivery because he had an encephalocele in the top of his head.

    I admire you for all your posts and photos about your sweet son, and what a miracle and a blessing that he lived for over two months.

    Sending you a big hug, from one grieving mama to another (though I know you are a lot further along in the grieving process than I am -- and I'm so glad to see you have had another child since Joshua, who is healthy and safe).

    -- Catherine, in Texas