Saturday, June 12, 2010

A weekend away

It was really refreshing to be able to take photos without worrying about the girls I've realized that since Naomi's started to move (crawl, walk) my pictures have taken a dive - not that they were amazing in the first place. I simply can't stop to concentrate on a shot because Naomi's off digging in the trash or wandering toward the street!

Wish it hadn't rained quite so much, but that's ok. We found ways to stay busy!

Me and Alana having High Tea [I didn't think to change the settings, thus Alana's in focus, but not me. That's ok, you get the idea!]

I wasn't the only one with a camera. This is Theresa - who coincidentally grew up with a middle-school friend of mine from Virginia. And now we live next door to each other. The world is small, I'm telling you!

No ratting out whose hands are whose

Mostly because this lovely girl didn't want to claim her chipped nailpolish. :)

The only time I'll let polka-dots and stripes coincide. In fact, I'd definitely go for this look in my kitchen!


The beautiful Cora, who insisted I join the girls on this weekend away!

My neighbor's dessert at a cafe. Apparently it's pretty true to its original - which is apparently Austrian. Any Austrian blog readers care to weigh in?

Carrot cake & Spinach, Feta, and Mushroom pie with pinenuts. Both were delicious. Both disappeared quickly. :)

And yes, I most definitely did take pictures of my food and that of my neighbors in a busy cafe on a Saturday morning. :)


  1. Beautiful pictures Susie! I am glad you got to have some time for you! Have a fantastic weekend!

  2. It looks like Dänische Golatschen. (I am not from Austria but my grandparents were so I may be wrong) Basically it's just a fancier version of what we call a "Danish" in America. Looks delish!

  3. The food looks yummy and it looks like you had a good time away:) Thanks for the tips about L-day. We start childbirth classes tonight with Noah's mom so I'm hoping the more informed I am the more I will relax and just let it happen. That seems to be the common consensus with seasoned laborers:)

  4. great photos! i really want to go eat some yummy food now!

  5. the food looks delish, the friends are beautiful, and I bet the girls weekend was lovely.

  6. What a gorgeous outing!! It all looks just perfect :) The smiles on your faces are lovely, glad you had such a great time away.

  7. I love seeing you in a photo. But I can understand ... I usually forget to take the camera off manual before I hand it off to someone for a portrait -- so I don't get many portraits of myself!

    Your other pictures are just gorgeous. Well done!

  8. All I will be able to think about all day is those sausage rolls!
    Glad you enjoyed your weekend away Susie.

  9. Your hair looks really pretty. How did you style it? It looks like little curls on top.

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    (although there are only a couple just now, as this blog has just started! Stay tuned for more!) :)