Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I'm not one for scary movies. In fact, I'm not even a fan of thrillers, to be honest. I Am Legend? NUH UH! I sat through that a few times. And each time I kind of have to hide my darting glances at the glass patio door after sundown. But... never mind that.

Actually, I'm not really talking about horror movies.

No, I'm talking about real horror. The kind of horror that makes your heart stop. It's the kind of horror that makes your husband call from the other room, "What's wrong?!!?!?"

We had a horror incident here tonight.

The weekend we moved I did a bunch of laundry at the other house and then brought it to our new place to dry it. It was pouring down that weekend, but I wanted to get the laundry clean before I moved it. Coz I'm picky like that.

Problem was that at the end all I had left were garbage bags to move some of the laundry with. They got tied up and put in the hallway alcove until they were needed (most of it was linens for winter and thus out of commission). I thought it was dry when it was bagged up.

I was wrong.

Today I was looking for Oceana's mattress protector so I could put her clean sheets on the bed. I was searching - since the organization in this house is seriously wanting - and decided to have a quick look in the hallway bag, just in case it hadn't been unpacked yet.


The sheets, the duvet cover, the duvet inner, the sheepskins, were still wet. 6 weeks after our move.

You can just imagine what they smelled like.


The only things I'm trying to save are the duvet cover and the cover to the Pack n Play. My heart would break if I had to throw out the duvet cover I made. I have Joshua's matching cot blanket, and I have matching fabric to make Naomi a duvet cover as well. I cannot throw it out. The Pack n Play cover isn't the end of the world, but it would be a pain if it had to go. I think it'll be okay because I can bleach it, since there's no chance I'll ever sell that thing.

The sheepskins, as much as it breaks my heart to throw them away, will have to go. They have mold deep in the shag and I can just imagine the allergic reactions Naomi and Oceana would have - even if I did get the smell out. The mold will probably never come out, and there's big black spots all over them. They're ugly and they're nasty. But it still makes me really sad.

That's my definition of horror today.


  1. My stomach turned a little just reading that! So sorry that you couldn't save more, but ICK, I understand! I'm super-sensitive to smells. I hope you are able to salvage what's left. :( I hope your week looks UP!

  2. Oh no! Once I forgot I was washing our comforter before we left for vacation, and never switched it to the dryer. I'll never forget that moldy, rancid smell when we came home a week later- and that was only a week.
    I really hope you can save the duvet cover and pack n play cover. They are beautiful and hold so much memory I'm sure. I hope the sun and bleach can do the trick.

  3. AK! As soon as I read the part about putting laundry in the garbage bags I suspected what happened. That's terrible! Sorry that happened, and hopefully you'll be able to save the stuff you really want to save.

    Oh, and I Am Legend? CREEEEEEEEPY!


  4. Oh that is terrible and something I can totally see happening in my house! I Hope you get the Duvet cover and Pack n play cleaned :)

  5. Photos? Come on. You can't open this door, without walking through it!!

  6. Try vinegar to get the mold out...i've never tried it on fabric but it took the mold off our our walls in our bathroom!

    Good luck!

  7. I was going to suggest vinegar too. Lots of it! Good luck!

  8. Oh, my goodness, that is so sad! I'm sorry you had such a rough week, and I hope you can have a break soon! :(