Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bouncing Blossom Tutus

Sweet Pea

Prices have been raised by $5[USD] to include international shipping. This means when you order a Bouncing Blossom, you pay the price, and no additional shipping.


Newborn/Infant sizes - $20,
1-2T - $25,
3T-5T - $30.


NZ$ [prices include domestic shipping]
NB/Inf - $27
1T-2T - $32
3T-5T - $37

Oceana: Iris, Gabby: Hydrangea, Naomi: Tied streamer tutu in turquoise and bright pink [2 years old]

New flower designs:

Violet - Purple with magenta pink accent
Dahlia - Pale pink with white accent


Other designs available:

Tulip - Pink and orange with yellow accent
Rose - Red with white accent
Iris - Purple with yellow accent
Pohutukawa - Red, white, and green
Hydrangea - Turquoise and seafoam green with purple accent
Daisy - White with yellow accent
Peony - Bright pink with purple accent
Tiger Lily - Orange and yellow with a pink accent
Sweet Pea - Pink with green accent


Build*A*Bouquet where you choose your own assortment of 2-3 colours.

All in Tulip

Send your orders to bouncingblossom [@] gmail [.] com. Payments are made through My Etsy site will hopefully be up and running within the week.

It takes about 3 weeks from the time you order to receiving your blossom in the mail, with no major posting delays. In other words: please don't expect this to be on your doorstep in a week. ;)

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  1. so Drew was looking at the pics last night and saw one of Gabi and went ... OMG is that Naomi? What did I miss?
    Too cute, he was so afraid he had the neglectful uncle award