Saturday, March 20, 2010


I went out on Friday to get some photos of the ministry center for the Making Waves magazine I'm putting together. It's being built right now. Oceana was out with Matt running errands for DTS and I tied Naomi on my back with a [non Moby] wrap since it was missing [ie. hiding under a mountain of clean, unfolded laundry on the couch].

There I was with Naomi tied on me and my camera slung over my head, trekking off down the hill to take pictures. I realized that I'd need a wide angle shot from the far end of the field, so I headed out that way. I took a few shots out at that end and then went back up the hill to take a few of the back of the building from the hill. It was only after I'd climbed up a small hill through the knee high grass that I stopped to check a shot on the camera.

"No CF Card" it flashed.

AK! NO! I'd left it in the card reader by the computer!

All that effort for nothing. I tried to download from the camera, just in case it held a few shots without the card. It doesn't. Boo!

Anyways, it was a good workout. But now I have to find time to go do it again!


  1. That kind of stuff is SO frustrating! Hope you get a chance to get those shots again soon!

  2. Oh man! Look at you finding the bright spot...! I bet it felt good to get out for a little bit - hope you find time again soon. :)


  3. I left my card out once! And haven't don't since..:)

  4. Oh man!!! I've done that before!

  5. A friend of mine had this happen to her husband, back in the days of film. During the birth of their baby. :(

  6. Yeah I've done that too. Or turn on the camera & it says "replace battery now", when of course you have no spare battery pack!!!

  7. hahahha....happens a lot

    once i tried to eat candy while i was in some deep thought, took off the wrapper, threw candy away and was staring at the wrapper before i put it in my mouth....

    lol...imagine that !