Monday, March 15, 2010

Home Day




One of the odd things about losing Joshua, is that life moves on. It's easier that way, but it's also harder that way.

We have another child.

But we have a gap between our girls that gapes [to me].

We have happy children.

But Oceana still asks "when Joshua's coming back from Heaven".

We continue with life as normal.

But I forget that normal, to the rest of world, doesn't include having your son's ashes on your dresser.

We don't cry much any more.

But when I pray about Joshua each night I'm reminded how much I miss him.

I especially missed him tonight. Tonight was the 2nd anniversary of his Home Day.

Has it really been two years since I held my precious boy?


  1. Beautiful post, lovely use of colours in the photos and I LOVE the title of the post

  2. <3 I simply cannot imagine.

    By the way, Troy (10) still talks about Joshua. It's really very sweet. Just today he was asking "why do some babies die?" (we were watching Up) and I started to explain that sometimes babies are born sick and he interjected with all the care and tenderness in the world in his voice: "Like that baby... Joshua?" and made a motion around his head. I love how he was never grossed out or frightened by pictures of Joshua, but understood what his 'cele implied. Joshua made an impact on my boy... and he carries him in his heart to this day.

    Much, much love for you... and extra poigant prayers tonight.

  3. Can't even imagine...Joshua was and still is precious!! He's your son :) Thankyou for always sharing him with us out was very precious.

  4. Hugs! Hoping you all have a peaceful day remembering your sweet boy :)

  5. that picture of naomi is stunning, you should be proud of how far you've come with photography!

  6. Beautiful picture of Naomi!!

    I miss seeing pictures of Joshua and hearing about him. I can't imagine.

    Thinking about you today!

  7. you're in my thoughts {{hugs}}

  8. I was thinking of Joshua & you & Matt this morning...I can't believe it's been two years either. Many times when I look at AJ, I think of Joshua & how much they would have been similar. Praying for you today & often:)

  9. I find it hard to believe that it's been 2 years myself. I've been reading your blog since just a few days after he went to Heaven. Praying for you today hon!

  10. Feeling your pain and praying for your peace, sister.

  11. I forgot to ask, are you a BumGenius mama too? This is Barbara from Elim

  12. beautiful Susie :)

  13. It is hard to believe it has been two years :( My heart goes out to you guys...many hugs sent your way on a difficult day...we miss you little man! But not even close to how much your mommy, daddy, and big sissy to (and little sissy too)miss your precious face! Hope your having fun with the angels Joshua!

  14. I wanted to offer you a tip in regards to your bumGenius diapers that has saved me quite a bit of time.

    When I hang the diapers to dry I no longer bother with pins. Instead, I wrap the tabs around the line and attach them to their respective laundry tabs.

    I've also done the same on the chain-link panels of our outdoor cat pen when I want to ensure direct sunlight (for bleaching out). Picture here:

    And (hugs). I can't believe it's been two years. It's been 2.5 years since I lost my babe, though we never met one another.

  15. Susie-
    I havent gotten a chance to check your blog in quite some time (nearly 2 yrs) My life got a little hectic and I here I am 2 yrs later because just the other day I was thinking about you and your family and wondering how things are going for you. So, Congratulations! Naomi is Stunning! Its hard to believe that 2 yrs have gone by. I am so happy to know that God has given you another blessing.