Sunday, March 14, 2010


There hasn't been much to say because I've been between busy and sick.

My bestest friend Melody is starting a dance school in Rochester NY (if you are interested in classes for your little one, email me at mnssams [@] gmail [.] com for more info!) She ordered tutus for her littlest girls class (3-5yrs) so I've been working my tail off on tutus. As we speak there are 6 tutus hanging from my patio blinds (so as to keep them from sticky fingers - my closets can't hold another square inch). :)

Add to this the wonders of germ-infestation #2 for the recent weeks and we've been down for the count. Two weeks ago we were house-bound with the sniffles/hacking coughs. This week I should have known better when Oceana randomly threw up at 11pm one night. I thought it was odd, but without a fever or any other complaints we continued with life as normal. Then on Thursday Naomi threw up (Oh baby, that's a story you have to hear....). Again I thought, well that's odd.

Then Saturday morning came and at o'dark'thirty I was throwing up and connecting those stupid dots.... Ah yes... it was a virus. Wish I'd known that on Tuesday when bleach and I could have been best buddies. Hmph!

Well, now Matt's recovering from it and we've managed to infect 8 of the DTS students with it too. The good news is that for as sharp and horrible as it is, it only last 24 hours. Phew. I was back to normal in about 12-15. Matt's taking the full 24. At dinner when I didn't see him eating, I asked Kaleb, one of the students, if he was ready for food yes. "Oh my gosh, NO!" was his reply. Oops, sorry to bring it up. Haha.

Hopefully no one else catches it. But I can say that this is a time when I love me some bleach-stench. The smell of non-contageous-ness. :)

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  1. Oh man! We had it a few weeks ago too. Stomach viruses are awful!!