Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tutorial Linkage

I have a bad habit.

I save clothing that I *might* fit, even if I don't need to save it.

The nature of DTS [Discipleship Training Schools - the schools that Matt staffs] are for 18-35 year olds. They usually come in from overseas with very little luggage and have to leave with that same amount [you all know how strict airline weight limits are, right?]. Often people - girls in particular - will buy new clothes or other items while here, and when they leave they have extra clothes they have to leave behind.

They go into "The Take It Or Leave It Pile" after that.

I am not too proud to say that I have taken clothing from that pile sooo many times. Even when I'm pregnant, I'll snag stuff. But my problem is that I have a "system" to clothing. I wear whatever size I fit, up until I fit my size 12 pants, and then graduate into my maternity pants. When I'm pregnant I don't fit my maternity pants until I'm about 7 months along. Then after baby I go back into my 12's and work my way back down.

But because of the TIOLIP I have a reasonable sized wardrobe.

For each size.

Oh man, it's bad!

I didn't pay for it all! Good grief, no! But I did accumulate it. So I've been doing a lot of weeding out lately. No more unnecessary saving!

Anyways. The original reason for this post. I have a ton of extra plain tshirts that I never wear. I was putting together a Salvation Army pile today when I came across a few shirts that I tried to daydream into a sewing project. I had an idea for Oceana, but nothing spectacular.

And then I found this project at Tea Rose Home! So cute! I'm going to make it soon! I know exactly what I'll use too - I have (from TIOLIP) two matching tshirts, same size, same color, same design that I was going to get rid of.

I hope it turns out right. If it does, I'll post it. If it doesn't, forget I ever posted this. :)


  1. I just came from there and I was all... holy cow. Must do. Isn't she amazing?

  2. Wouldn't it work just as well to use scraps of fabric NOT from a matching shirt? It would be fun to play around with colors!