Saturday, January 16, 2010

Onehunga Weed

In New Zealand there's a particular prickle weed that looks just like grass. It grows every summer unless you specifically spray for it. And if you don't spray - like us - you have to wear shoes outside in the lawn.

Oceana's had a few too many brushes with Onehunga Weed, and is now terrified to walk on grass without her shoes.

However, she's also a little absent minded. So often she'll wear her shoes, then forget and taken them off, and wander away from them.

This was taken with my telephone lens - her boots are by me - so you know how far away she is.

Suddenly she remembers she is without shoes. And immediately complains about Onehunga weeds. There weren't any there that I remember, so it's just sheer paranoia talking.

But Auntie Christina saved the day - paranoia or not.

Haha! Oceana cracks me up sometimes!

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