Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bubbles and Buttons

If I had the extra $$, I'd be on her doorstep [figuratively of course] asking for these prints. But instead, I thought I'd send some traffic her way.

Jessica Park Miller is a very dear friend that I grew up with. *Dethika*, as I called her, [I was Thoothee, for the record] and I created doll clothes, painted jelly jars, made pillows, made cookies, and drew and painted till our hearts' content.

She's went on creating and is now a real-live artist. :D Check out these bubble trees and button trees. I think they SCREAM adorable nursery! And I personally love a nursery or kids room that isn't full of commercialized stuff. Colors and creativity *excited grin*!


  1. Dear Thoothee,
    I love your blog. Theeth picthurs your friend hath made on her blog are adorable! Thanths for tharing them.

    Love, Lith

  2. thuthee!! thanks for posting this!!! you're the betht :)

    love dethika