Saturday, January 9, 2010

Our weekend

We just arrived back from 3 day at the Taylors! *Hey girl, update your blog!* Christina invited us up to Auckland so we could spend some time together over Joshua's birthday.

Pictures - as always - are difficult to get on the computer, but they WILL get here soon. It's Sunday morning, so it won't be now... :)

Fun stuff to blog about next week:

*Gluten free foods! I am shocked at how good some of the from-scratch foods we are were! If you follow Taylor Family Adventures, you'll know that Miles [3.5 years old] was diagnosed diabetic and celiac [gluten free] earlier this year. We ate soft shell tortillas, old fashioned donuts, and even a chocolate cake for Joshua's birthday... none of which I'd have ever known were GF, had I not seen them made. :)

*Babies who eat sand... It's extra fibre right?

*Tramolines and three year olds

*And of course whatever else happens to strike my fancy.

It was a great time, we loved getting away and spending some time with our family.

But before I go, funniest part to the trip...

I was sitting at the computer - well, you know, old habits die hard, even on vacation - and I heard a "Mommy?" from the hallway. I answer, "What honey?", but heard no answer. So I turned to look out to the hallway to see Bryce leaning Miles in the door, with a smirk on his face.

Apparently our three-year-olds have the same voice? Haha, I answered "Mommy!?!?!" calls twice in three days that weren't mine. :)

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  1. hahaha, funnnnny. ok ok, i guesss i could head over to my blog land and shake the dust off the key board... sighhhh, but what to write, wink wink.