Monday, December 21, 2009


I really miss having a computer with PSE7 or even Picasa capabilities. Since our laptop bit the dust (or at least gives us enough trouble that it's not worth turning on) we've been borrowing an old CPU from work, a monitor from church, with our own keyboard and an old wireless mouse. The computer is fine for internet... only. It probably could even handle a low res camera and no editing... but that's not what I want to do! :)

So I haven't been blogging much because I have no good pictures. In fact, I'm so frustrated by the lack of editing capabilities that I've all but stopped using my camera! I know. Sad. But until this computer issue is fixed, I don't see any reason to fill my camera up with creative images... as I can only download them straight to an external drive and wait until we have editing capabilities again. Boo...

Anyways, in other news....

Christmas! It's warm, it's sunny, Matt's sunburned, and we're Christmas shopping. What's that you ask? Am I done Christmas shopping? No. I wish I'd started earlier. But this happens every year, we wait - trying to figure out how much we will spend on Christmas - and by the time we pull some cash out of our savings account, its WAAAAAY too close to Christmas for my comfort. I end up awake at all hours finishing sewing projects, wrapping presents, and trying to make sure I got the things planned.

[Note to self: Naomi still needs her first toothbrush, the stockings need stuffing, I haven't bought some food for Christmas day, and there's still presents to finish up start for my mum and sister].

And since the holiday spirit may be slighty lacking in the absence of snow, hot cocoa, real fir trees, and Christmas carols that fit the season, I'm tanking on Hazelnut coffee and Irish Creme coffee.... :D LOTSA coffee. *Happy grin*

Naomi's not walking yet, but she stands up without holding anything and stands alone for 10-20 seconds at a time. My mum said she thinks Naomi will give me first steps for Christmas. *Eye roll* We'll see. Hopefully we'll catch it on camera if she does. :)


  1. i JUST got a computer after having 5 months without one and I rarely used my camera too. It stinks!! Hope you get a computer so you can share those gorgeous pictures you always take!

  2. Merry Christmas!