Saturday, December 12, 2009

Taking out *Best Dressed Girl

Is it any wonder that Naomi won Best Dressed Girl at the Mainly Music Christmas party? The theme was Christmas or Party Clothes - which is really open for interpretation.

I popped Naomi in her tutu and basted a few scrap pieces of tulle onto a stretchy headband - voila! - matching outfit. Havalah asked me "What is she supposed to be? A Christmas ornament?" Ha! That hadn't crossed my mind, I thought it was cute. Christmas ornament it is!
As much as "Angel" is easy with little girls, I was yawning over the idea. We'd done it before, so I tried to think of something else. Star! But the problem with "star" is that it did't have anything specific about it, so I drew stars on her cheeks with my *ahem, blue* eye liner. [That'll teach me to READ the packaging before grabbing wildly at makeup in WalMart...] For the record, eye shadow, over eyeliner makes it last a bit longer, should you need to use it in place of facepaints! *Note to self, buy the girls face paint for Christmas*

*Oh yes, please note the red fingernails. She insisted on them yesterday morning. In.Sist.Ed!*
I am VERY pleased with this picture of me and Naomi. A/ It's hard to get a self portrait with my 50mm lens, so it came out ok, considering. B/My skin looks great! Considering that it's not fantastic this week, I appreciate that the picture looks better than it is. ;)
Too cute! I love that Oceana knows exactly what to do with a guitar! She was so upset when the guitars were handed out and she missed out. I spied one up front [Ok, so maybe it was supposed to be the coordinator's guitar, but it was on the floor] and sent her up to get it. ;) Very, very, very happy girl!

Their Christmas party was fun, though they were really tired [it was an afternoon party, difficult when most toddlers and preschoolers have a rest time or naptime then].


  1. Looks like great fun.. Both girls look adorable as always!!!

  2. They both look the headbands too :)

  3. both your girls are so cute!!! oceana has grown up so much! (i shouldnt be surprised since she was less than a month old when i last saw her at ebi, how the time has flown by)

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