Friday, December 11, 2009

Josiah's Senior Portraits

I had the chance to take my 18-year-old brother out for his Senior portraits this last weekend. He's actually a very easy guy to shoot! :) Josiah finished school a few weeks ago, and has been accepted to MIT [Manukau Institute of Technology, LOL] in the Maritime program. Si's on his way to becoming a ship's captain - specifically with interest in tankers and container ships. He's been a deckhand on the M/V Pacific Link for 2 years already, and loves being at sea. It suits him well. I'm looking forward to seeing what my awesome little brother will get up to in the future. :)


  1. No wonder he's easy to shoot. He's gorgeous. Must agree he looks so much better with short hair.


  2. Very nice pictures, Susie.

    Mom Sams

  3. Great pictures Susie!! Josiah good luck in school :)