Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The fever gets the best of me

Photo fever that is. I just could not stand it any more! This blog is being avoided [by me!] because there's a lack of interesting photos.

I know, I've told you this more than once.

But even though it's taking me an hour or two to download my camera card onto this arcaic dinosaur of a computer,

and even though I don't get to edit them the way I like,

and even though I should be putting away laundry, or cleaning my kitchen, or figuring out why the beans in the crockpot are not softer after 4 hours on low, or labelling things for our garage sale [shameless plug, if you live near us, please come by my parents' place Saturday!]

despite all that,

I have got to post some pictures! I cannot blog to my liking without photos. I just doesn't work.

Eastern Beach, Auckland

Christina & Levi

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  1. i hear ya. I finally started posting again after almost a year! One of my reasons was that i wasn't taking any pictures...but i'm back to the blogging world and it feels good! Glad you're posting again too!

  2. I'm just coming back from a 5 month long bloggy hiatus, so I can understand the posting slow down! I love that picture though!! Can't wait to see more!

  3. This picture is so cool! Love it. :)