Thursday, December 31, 2009

Eastern Beach Visit

We got to spend a day with the Taylors last week, right before Christmas. It was really fun to see them - they've lived in the US since January 2006.

Levi - 18 months

Miles - 3 1/2 years

Poor Levi ended up slicing his finger [you can just see his bandage, behind his bread] on something in the dishwasher. He was trying to help Daddy I guess. Poor little guy didn't like having Auntie Susie Impromptu Nurse fiddle with his hand.

And I definitely referred back to info that Renee has posted A Baker's Dozen. There was no subcutaneous tissue, so I wasn't too worried about bandaging it up myself. But how to bandage an 18-month-old's hand? How to keep his finger from moving, since bending it would just pop the wound back open? We tried just tape first, after ransacking Christina's designated "junk drawer" for something to use as a splint. We tried to find a popsicle stick, but that was already in the trash. Instead we found a plastic clothes peg. The tape ended up working though. :)

What I know is only the sum of my knowledge from bandaging Joshua's encephalocele and conversations with my sister Cate, who just graduated from nursing school and has her first job in the hospital are of a large nursing home. Hey, it served me well.

*In other news, please pray for Christina & Bryce, as they experienced the death of a nearly-3-year-old boy at the camp they were running. He had a freak accident on a bunkbed and passed away 2 days after Christmas. They were notified just moments after Luca was discovered, and were with him until the coroner took him. But most of all, please keep the Gibson family in your prayers, as they walk through the loss of their little boy. They have 2 other children and are expecting another child this year. *

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  1. Oh, Susie, I will be praying for their family - my hubby & I work at a camp, so I understand what a tragedy & nightmare this would be!